I wonder if they check judges every year for intoxication or drug,he looks like a drug addict and his behaviour wasn’t normal either,Judge Lederer for sale I won’t appeal the decision ,this will stay for ever to show every one the realty

Judge was apointed my case by the Insurance company
My trial has started 1 week later and judge has been changed 2 days before the trial,at the court house the judge supposed to be in my trial has been assigned other trial and at the same day,obviously judge wasn’t sick nor in emergency situation ,Question ,why has judge been changed 2 days before the trial,
Question,why has my trial started 1 week later
Question,who is asigning judges  to trials? By giving too much power to insurance companies They became mafia,start ruling and crushing citizens very well.They say we should blame MPPs because,MPPs gave too much power to insurance companies,very well what is next are they going to make you all puppets,or they already did.
Only idiots shoots their legs,history will be coming soon. The result by itself will not effect me ,it effects every single citizen ,If I lost my tort for the rear ended at no fault accident ,with 3 MRI reports one of them for the brain injury and 1 X-ray and Catastropic report OCF 19 ,guess what will happen to the cases in the future,obviously Judge was sided and no matter what you put in the middle , at the end, if the judge talks with the jury and says something no matter who you are you will loose the case.

Sorry ordinary citizens that juri had no idea what they did and no idea consequences of the result ,if they knew what they did to the people, they wouldn’t have listen to the judge ,because 2 days left to the trial some how judges have been switched and the judge from the beginning of the trial showed himself who he was and you didn’t  need to be smart to relies that judge has been sold out.

I won’t appeal the decision ,this decision should stay as it is forever and by this decision no one will win the case against insurance companies anymore because,decisions has power to effect every other cases from now on,if I lost at no fault accident and I have the damages proved by MRI report that they are certain and no one can question them,no matter what type of damages you have got or injuries you have got result of the accident ,no one could win any case any more ,do you know why ,because of the decision of my case will effect other’s for ever ,this trial will publish and every one will read the trial and this trial will became history of shame of the law society.Bunch of clowns got together and set up a theatre.

Good luck for everyone and as soon as I received the transcript,I will publish it in here so you guys can learn the processing ,what is told in the trial.

Again I won’t appeal the decision and I won’t do this favour to the law society,from now on they have to deal my case in every other cases and no one will have a chance to win any injury cases anymore,

if jury knew what game has been played on their decision and what was the consequences of their decision and, how the decision would affect every single citizen ,they wouldn’t have believed the judge and they wouldn’t have given this decision,they weren’t aware of the game played on juri,and I feel sorry about the jury and I wished they would have been smarter not the fall in this trap,they are ordinary citizen just like me ,I hope one day your close one or you don’t involve any accident .do you know what will happen when they sue,my case will be thrown front of them by the insurance company lawyers and that is it ,they will say you have no claim because of this case, they give as an example of my case and insurance will say he has at no fault ,and he has 3 MRI reports, 1 X-ray and he has been catastrophic because of OCF 19 has been filled up by one of my doctor,and they will say this case is lost and they will say sorry you don’t even have a case whether you are cathastrophic or you have MRI reports or X-rays that show and proof the damages ,they will say sorry this gentlemen had same story and even he had more evidence then you and he lost.

every single case will come and cross the decision of my case.

Good for you people ,good for everyone ,I am really happy because of the decision ,this decision will be a good example of the Law society of the gang members relation with the insurance companies and shows how easy, they sell the case ,I didn’t loose but ontario citizens lost big time.Billion dollars company buys everyone including judges ,my case is a good example ,please read the transcript when I publish and this transcript explains full story,my case will be teaching at law schools and they will study on my case in law schools ,lawyers from all over the North America will learn this and they wouldn’t want to believe this case happened and obviously smells.I will pass this and I already did ,I forgot even,but this trail will be stick on this law society for ever,and became the history of shame for the Canada.

I did my best and I even invited the press to watch my case but,no one have bother to come and whatch the case ,No one can blame me for the result of this case,as long as judges sold out ,even if you bring world number one lawyer comes and defence your case would have gotten the same result,even if you bring 100 lawyers to defend this case, they will loose because of the judge has been sold out ,so simple as it is.

Good for you law society ,good for you personall injury lawyers and good for you ordinary citizens you will all suffer from now on because of the result of my case,