insurance’s JUDGE IRVING W. ANDRÉ has Committed crime by giving illegal decisions another complaint to crooked members of CJC(Canadian bullshit council)

This s hole is Irving
This piece of shit s hole is Thomas who  loves cochaine

As you see these two have no diffrence ,same shit different s holes  ,both of them are working for the Unica insurance and both of them are getting paid by Unica insurance and both of them became judge at the time of the conservative Harper government,in those dark years who ever assigned to the government is working for the same organization along with conservative Harper.Those 2 are only an example there are many of them must be cleaned from the government.They have been brought or assigned to serve and protect dirty organization,these people or these animals (well animals are better then those s holes) are not brought or assigned for the citizens of Canada.They only serve and protect companies and their self interests.


In my first article already mention about this judge ,I was saying in my article;Irving Brain cells are dead,he is not capable of judging and he should be retired plus,he is an Unica insurance dog and working for the Unica insurance.

Just like the drug addict judge Thomas Lederer,same shit diffrent judge,They are both crooked and both of them are working for the Unica insurance,getting paid by Unica insurance.They are both unhuman ,well animals are better then these s holes.

In Toronto there are many judges like this s holes,names of those judges have been mentioned in this blog.CJC members are included.

I have received the motion decision today after 2 months and the decision was favour to the insurance company.From this sold out judge ,  I wasn’t expecting anything less.

At the hearing I told this brainless judge that there are laws for protection of privacy and I have given those laws to the judge hands.

1- By giving such decision this judge is violating privacy act 1980-81-82-83.

2-By giving such decision this judge is violating international laws.

Article 16 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the
THE CONVENTION ON THE RIGHTS OF THE CHILD Participation rights: having an active voice
Article 4 (Protection of rights),article 12 -13-14-15-16-17

(therefore I am keeping my rights to open any lawsuit against Canadian government at the international human rights court.)

3-this judge has made discriminations against self represent litigants by not obeyin CJC principles for the self represent litigants.

4-This brainless judge doesn’t obey laws by violating human rights.

5-This brainless judge has been told that at the beginning of this motion ,he is working for the Unica insurance company ,he has no credibility,he doesn’t obey CJC principles for the self represent ligants that is why  I simply asked him to adjournment for diffrent judge to hear this motion.He made discrimination by not listening my request.

6-This judge shouldn’t have heard this motion and somehow insurance company assigned this s hole to this motion.

now I am expecting from attorney general and CJC this judge should be prosesecuted for  violating laws.

Erol ozdemir made a second complaint against him to Canadian judicial council:

1-this judge has made discriminations against self represent litigants by not obeying CJC principles for the self represent litigants.
2-He made discrimination about my request for diffrent judge to hear this motion and I told him that I have a previous complaint against him and he will be bias by giving his decision and he rejected my request.
3-By giving second discovery can not be given only one side request ,both side has to be convinced and agreed for the second discovery.I told judge that I don’t want second discovery and by giving such decision to insurance side he has made a discrimination one more time by ignoring my request.
4-unfair decisions and bias judge is a crime for the human rights.

5-This judge is a criminal and committed crime by doing such actions.




Sold out JUDGE IRVING W. ANDRÉ Again!! really!!Brampton superior court of delay Justice

I believe in Brampton superior court of Justice doesn’t have many ss hole sold out judges like Toronto courthouses but how ever this individual is the one of them.This motion has been adjourned by different judge before to read the materials and some how this arranged s hole came front of me instead of the other judge who adjourned this motion to read the materials and I wonder where the other judge was.The other judge supposed to hear that motion and somehow Unica insurance assigned this sold out puppet to this case one more time.
As you see nothing has been changed in this corrupted Canadian Justice system,still money talks and insurance is boss.Now I am making one more complaint to the Canadian bullshit council and I am sure that they won’t even response my complaint like they did to my previous complaints.
This individual judge is delaying Justice ,after 2 months still no news and no result,this is happening because insurance wants him to hold the decision  because ,holding Justice is a wasting time for the victim and insurance likes this.

Please read the previous article about this s hole judge.

complaint letter to Canadian(bullshit) judicial council

Here is the one more time that I had to make this complaint.
This individual Irving w.andrea or what ever his name is delaying Justice on purpose,he is working for the Unica insurance company or who ever the organisation that you guys are working for too.
This judge has been assigned this case by the Unica insurance company or the organisation that you guys are working for too.
This judge is receiving bribes just like you are.
This individual judge is making discrimination for the self represent litigants just like you all are.
I told the judge at the motion that he is a sold out puppet and I don’t want him to hear this motion and I requested to adjourn the motion for diffrent judge to hear,this motion already adjourned by diffrent judge before,to read the materials and he is the one who should have heard the case ,unfortunately this individual came front of us instead of the other judge who supposed to hear this motion.
I told the judge that there is a previous complaint against him related to this case for different motion and I told him that he is bias and he is not obeying the Canadian judicial council self represent litigants principles.
He just discriminated my request again and he decided to proceed the hearing.
Now he is delaying Justice on purpose and probably he is waiting to get paid by the insurance company to be able to give Justice for the insurance side but,economical insurance is not paying him and economical insurance won’t pay him anything because ,economical insurance is not like Unica insurance how ever Unica is involved with this judge assignment.
Probably you guys(Canadian judicial council) are waiting to get paid from the pool system to cover this crooked judge like you keep doing others.
The problem is who am I going to make a complaint against you all crooked members of CJC.
Willam Esson and John Clarke have been passed away that I learned from your web page and I can assure you that I don’t care or no one else cares that some old farts have been passed away.Stop putting those dead people names on your web page ,it is annoying nonsense and non of the citizens care that they are dead.This web page is not for you to share some personal relations with others ,this is for citizens so,stop sharing this nonsense sadness on this web page and share it on your own web page.

note:Economical insurance has no banks behind to cover up the cash bribe,once cash bribes has  started it would end at the court of appeal (divisional court) and there will be 3 judges and pool system there,once the insurance start buying judges ,they will be spending cash around 1 million dollars to cover the biribe the first judge +3 appeal judges.Unica insurance has Scotiabank and royal bank so,Unica insurance  can hide those cash flows,economical can not hide that much cash because ,economical insurance is not backing up by any banks ,economical insurance is just selling insurance and that is how they make money.Unica insurance must understand this ,Unica  should be paying  bribes for the economical insurance otherwise economical insurance can not effort that much cash and can not hide that much cash flow.

this is the simple logical conclusion.