Thank you for choosing me as an advisor(to foreign countries,companies or individuals)

As you all know I have been giving you all, free business advise related to Canada direct or indirect relation to the Canadian government ,businesses and individual investors,whether Canadian companies are  investing your country ,business partnership or any kind of relationships or companies are investing in canadian businesses or relationship or partnership with Canadian governments, Canadian businesses or individuals.

As you all know I have been providing you all free legal research for Canadian commercial law and regulations,business culture and understanding or approaching any business related to canadian government or independent companies.

My resources and researches takes my time and sometimes cost money, therefore I would like to charge from now on understandable amount and it  will be Canadian dollars.

As you all know providing you information is ; the truth nothing but the truth.

From my perspective about the Canadian gold mining companies need different approaches,resources and researches and takes really certain amount of time that I am willing to spend.

The countries ,companies or individuals who requests  such information must make payments before I step in the this type of business advise and resources or researches.

Last 4 years I have provided information to (my calculation is approximately 281 )companies countries or individuals and the amount you have requested is close to not lower then 100 million USD.(approximately 107 million usd total investment from 281 companies,countries or individuals)

I made you save 80% of this money and haven’t asked anything from any one of you.

I lead you to different countries business or individuals instead of Canada’s.

I pointed you specific sections and different look of your approaches to level of Canadian business or investment in Canada.

So far, I have only gotten feedback is satisfaction.

I hope you would understand my request of payment up front about the Canadian gold mining companies ,this type of business needs totally different approaches ,looks,resources and researches.

Please consider environment issue has to be researched at first ,history of mining companies ,the second important part is if the mining company has any relationship with Scotiabank or not,as you always know these kind of information needs insiders and insiders are not working for free,I must make payment to be able to get certain true information for your requests.


Thanks for your interest


3 thoughts on “Thank you for choosing me as an advisor(to foreign countries,companies or individuals)”

  1. the government looks the other way at corruption as long as they receive money in their coffers just like in BC and casinos and money laundering however with the internet and many stories like yours. Arid its getting harder for the government and law enforcement to look the other way. Since CSIS visited you and your not a security threat as all citizens reading your blog know then its obvious the scamming insurance companies crooked judges and lawyers are about to face the music. CSIS is responsible for homeland security which includes money laundering organized crime and as. Donald Best among others have shown organized crime is in banks insurance companies in law enforcement and in government. It is an organized crime ring of judges lawyers all protecting criminals. Someone doesn’t like this comment before I even post it so I say hi to satellite spying and say watch I am posting it now. But wait they haven’t knocked on my door yet?
    Why not? Yes I have people on my phones and Wi-Fi too. Don’t like this post then clean up the crooked garbage stinking up Canada. Far too much of it.

  2. The TD bank manager money laundering and murdered no doubt was in bed with the crime families of Hamilton aided and abetted by crooked Rcmp opp and local law enforcement. We know who the crime families are. Ask Ford what he plans on doing as leader of our province to clean up organized crime in Ontario. Paul Manning has asked. We are asking too.

  3. Even if u do not get justice Arif you courageously did not give up and its the crooked garbage that are in disgrace. You can be proud. These parasites as you call them can go and eat at their regular restaurants and drink their scotch on the rocks but Donald Best website is huge and your story is attached to it therefore these clowns are outed and people will whisper behind their backs. Take away justice from one citizen and you took it away from all Canadians. They can accept fake awards and once again the whispers are heard. I much rather have self respect then lots of money. Far more fulfilling. Arif you gained Canadians respect and you are rich in that. Way to go with the Ford message. Glad to see he responded.

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