I did my best it is Mr.Ford’s turn


100 thoughts on “I did my best it is Mr.Ford’s turn”

  1. Noticed someone on Twitter tweeted about McGuinty and Ben Soave former RCMP agent comments regarding organized crime in Ontario. Show us the proof…Did Ben Soave provide the evidence and the Justce Dept. buried it? Did the OMAG bury it? Did thr government bury it?

    Now in light of the Ottawa scandal this is a very pressing matter. Premier Ford are you burying it? This forum is obviously being used by journalists so the questions are front and centred. Not like Twitter tweets that get buried.

    I like the questions as a citizen.

  2. Frank Serpico was a New York City cop that exposed corruption and in the Knapp Commission he stated 10% of cops were good 10% were bad and 80% wish they were good. Not a very good outlook on policing. But thankfully the courageous ones do make a small difference and in police college they should be changing the Blue Line and teaching courage to help the 80% on how to be good. The movie Serpico was a good movie . In every police force there is an organized crime mole or two. Time to get those Moles.

  3. Ben Soave former RCMP chief superintendent who retired in 2005 was concerned about the silence surrounding organized crime in politics . That was in 2012. There isn’t any more silence. The alarm bells are ringing loud and clear now. Quite interesting as Paul Manning was sounding the alarm in 2006 I believe. The leaked Intel reports appear to be for around the same time. Simon Rosenfeld was bragging about how easy it was to money launder as per Bill Majchers affidavit so why the silence then ? The RCMP were fully aware of organized crime in all aspects of life in Ontario so where does the fault lie….senior rcmp and government officials of course…all of them covering it up. Not to mention their link to other crooked cops too. One huge organized crime ring scratching the backs of one another and just taking over from one government to the next.

  4. We are very well aware of paid computer hackers and their manipulation as seen in the series Shades of Blue. In fact we have decided to play with any potential hackers of this site and we know that a number of posters use fake emails in order to watch to see if paid hackers insert a valid email into one that is fake. Its called to catch a hacker, a manipulato,r a criminal. We pretty much know which email might be used. So lets see if that has been done. We can’t wait..In episode 8 of shades of blue the paid hackers for the crooked police chief Ramsey switched the name of the owner of the warehouse where the drugs were shipped to that of Wozniak the crooked cop that was now a somewhat changed man and going after the crooked police chief. This is not just in the movies. It can be done. The longer you give the crooked the more they can do so very important to go after them immediately. You cannot give crooked criminals. breathing space. Donald Best beautifully provided us with evidence of remote computer attacks. A criminal act to take his website and evidence down. They failed. Now is the opportunity to go after them and it is the job of law enforcement to do so. They can’t weasel out of it any longer. CSIS mandate was to also go after organized crime and then that mandate disappeared from their website. What’s that about CSIS reading. The mandate has never been more needed then now so time to step up to the plate and go after organized crime. A true terrorist organization inflicting terror pain and suffering on Canadians and if any Canadian officials are involved in this terror organization you know what you are supposed to do. If law enforcement is involved you know what you are supposed to do.

  5. On behalf of all Canadians we are engaging in an online attack against the Thank you hoodlums masquerading as law enforcement and government officials jjudges , lawyers etc. Like you we are tired of these crooked parasites operating without accountability and they are getting front and centre attention here. Thanks to ARIF we know Ford Nation is reading. We take full advantage of that. To the crooked law society who cover for crooked lawyer William Ross Gilmour of Brampton who represented a crooked police chief of Peel charged with corruption to the crooked cops he represented to no doubt covering up and working for crooked canadian government with respect to cocaine into Canada with crooked FBI agent Terry Nelson Stephen Harpers friend Mike Huxtable crooked RCMP Jeanette and Jeb Bush of Florida. To honest clean RCMP FBI and DEA agents ignored who were working for our safety . This is for the murdered informants killed in protective custody. You know it’s HUGE HUGE HUGE…… Ford Nation you read this. Clean up these parasites.

  6. On behalf of all Canadians we are engaging in an online attack against the hoodlums masquerading as law enforcement and government officials judges , lawyers etc. Like you we are tired of these crooked parasites operating without accountability and they are getting front and centre attention here. Thanks to ARIF we know Ford Nation is reading. We take full advantage of that. To the crooked law society who cover for crooked lawyer William Ross Gilmour of Brampton who represented a crooked police chief of Peel charged with corruption to the crooked cops he represented to no doubt covering up and working for crooked canadian government with respect to cocaine into Canada with crooked FBI agent Terry Nelson Stephen Harpers friend Mike Huxtable crooked RCMP Jeanette and Jeb Bush of Florida. To honest clean RCMP FBI and DEA agents ignored who were working for our safety . This is for the murdered informants killed in protective custody. You know it’s HUGE HUGE HUGE…… Ford Nation you read this. Clean up these parasites.

  7. A Twitter poster had his account blocked for 12 hours and was visited by Ottawa police demanding he remove the post. When he refused thiats when it was blocked.

    All readers did the Ottawa police have paid hackers who suspended this Twitter account and demanded he provide a phone number before getting it back….a phone number that they will use to track him 24 7…. Don’t be fooled..that’s the game that occurs when your account is blocked locked suspended…..they request your phone number….we have tested this and know…we never gave our phone number ever… So BEWRE to the Twitter holder who tweeted on Paul Manning account……your phone number is probably hacked now……..

  8. When police show up to demand someone remove a tweet you know the tweet hit a nerve. When a law firm demands a tape be destroyed that is evidence in an investigation you know a nerve has been touched. That’s how we can determine what is likely the truth. So we thank the clowns in Ottawa there for helping to expose the truth by their actions. May I suggest the police spend their time on listening to advice given to them on Twitter or facebook or other forums and listen what the citizens think and want done as your credibility is at an all time low in light of all the scandals going on and have been covered up.

    May I suggest the police swallow their pride and start doing their jobs they get paid to do with tax payers money as we are your real bosses not your superiors and as such you answer to us the people.

    Yes the crooked out themselves by their actions so I know that there is a huge cover up of organized crime in Ottawa and Ontario and Canada. You bet there is and as a tax payer that’s my opinion and if you don’t like my opinion then may I suggest that you go and clean up the corruption. Because I am a smart thinking citizen that watches the goings on and when people believe they are above the law and can do stuff with no accountability then I know they are the source of our problems and they need to be held accountable.

    So if a law firm that tells an individual to destroy evidence when the OPP are investigating and the OPP have not filed charges against this law firm for an attempt to obstruct justice then clearly something is not right. Regardless of whether the tape is legitimate or not the tape is evidence in a criminal investigation and as such can’t be destroyed. This law firm is trying to bully this individual using illegal tactics. OPP where are the charges against this law firm. We demand it now.

    The letter is evidence of bullying with criminal intent to obstruct justice. What are you waiting for?

    You can’t fool the citizens. We are watching carefully and now we know whose side the police are on and its not the citizens side if charges are not fiked against this law firm and or lawyer. No way around it. We the citizens are RIGHT!!!

  9. You know when cyber terrorists are online slowing or freezing your keyboard and you know you hit a nerve. Then when an ad for paying to remove negative comments online show up you know you hit a nerve. Don’t see any negative comments on here by posters. Only see expose of criminals. So are cyber terrorists bullying through this blog ? Yup

  10. In 2014 hackers apparently entered the Ottawa police. Site and left a dance g banana. I read it online. There ca n be fake websites to get IP addresses. Fake stories as well. We can spot the fake stuff rather easily.

    The question is what were the hackers up to. Were they trying to scare crooked police in Ottawa perhaps? Or perhaps were hackers paid to erase stuff or obtain information. At the same general time a bleediibg bug attacked the government of Canada accounts of some Canadians. Quite interesting. Coincidental.

    A poster on here ask a very interesting question. All these attacks happening in Ontario such as a bomb scare at the Stratford Festival…a hacker demanding money– 1 million dollars after hacking into the Bank of Montreal and President Choice accounts and another one was some old age home were they a paid hacker trying to make police have so much work that they have no time to investigate all these crooked criminal stories online. I think that’s a brilliant question. In fact so brilliant has any more hacker attacks occurred. I have not heard of any. Did that question scare people?

    So the hacker into Ottawa police what was their intent? The newspapers who covered the story need to ask that too.I find the old age home rather amusing. Rather odd. Government if Ontario old age home perhaps. I don’t know. Never really looked that one up. But still puzzling.

    I think the questions posted here are very inquisitive and should wake people up. Especially those whose job it is to investigate.

  11. Maybe I better sound dramatic that someone wants to hurt me in the coming days months years. I do hit the nerves.

    I do this on behalf of fellow Canadians to give you courage to stand up and say we had enough of what ARIF calls parasites. No better way to describe the crooked. The daughter of the murdered TD Bank executive money laundering for the mob. Your courageous. Paul Manning your courageous. Donald Best your courageous. Arif your courageous. The list goes on of the courageous across Canada. We give you the respect you deserve. The creeps known as crooked Judges you get no respect but condemnation. Crooked cockroach cops same thing. Scum of the earth mobsters the dirt in the ground is better then you.

    Will I lose sleep. Nope. Refuse to. Will I be scared. Refuse to. Will I be bullied. No way Jose.

    A girl Melanie Shaw in England was tried and convicted in a secret court as she exposed slime in English political circles preying on young girls in an orphanage or group home . But her story is online to read. Her courage is available to inspire. Her voice not silenced by jail.

  12. Watched the movie SNITCH a movie starring Dwayne Johnson about a father who goes undrcover to get a drug king pin after his 18 year old son made a huge mistake of accepting a package with drugs. The underlying message of the movie was to bring attention to changes in the USA where the incarcerated would snitch on their accomplices under the Federal drug policy. Yes it’s great to get snitches but manufacturing accomplices is not.

    The minimum 10 year sentence is highlighted in the movie for a drug trafficking offence that the son committed. . Great to have a minimum sentence however are young people caught up in making mistakes either intentionally or coerced taking up space in prison where the drug pins and higher ups should be occupying. Could first time offenders be reformed in a different way and in a different setting. Probably. This movie Snitch results in the capture of the Drug King Pin which is a great thing. But is that happening in real life on a regular basis. NOPE. Many of these first time offenders are caught with no weapons only the drugs as in this movie.. What about the scrum that possess those weapons along with the drugs. A true story of drug traffickers caught with drugs and guns yet they were released because of waiting too long for trial in Ontario is on the net to read. My guess we would find many such cases occurring. . My guess is that ocvurs in the USA too. What a jpke.

    Dwayne Johnson delivered an outstanding performance yet this movie scored 5.6 out of 10 stating the underlying message was slow and lackluster. The only slow lackluster people are those in the justice system who have no clue how to clean up corruption and put the scrum where they belong. Many posters have confirmed stories indicating a failing grade for our justice system in Canada. What we need are fearless Crowns to go after the lawyers for the scumbags in court. Thats the key to bringing them down too.

  13. Matt Skoff of Ottawa Police Services denied at first it was his voice on the tape recording. Then he changes his story and admits it is but it’s doctored. So Matt Skoff doesn’t recognize his own voice. Breaking it down in the beginning if it is a truly doctored tape then Matt Skiff should have said yes it sound exactly like me but I never said that…isn’t that reasonable to understand from a truthful person. When one isnt exactly truthful then what naturally follows??? Eyebrows are raised. People begin to question what is the truth and those who deny too quickly are not believed . Then when a number of people continue in the lie even worse. Especially people in authority.

  14. Once again Paul Manning comments..not to be dramatic but if something happens in the coming days….HMMM THE OPP should be proud of courageous Paul Manning who infiltrated the mob and they should stand behind him 110%…..if they don’t the OPP are disgusting

  15. Beautiful letter to Premier Ford by Paul Manning and sent to other Ministers as well. You can read it on Twitter, Wonder what the corrupt have to say. Probably best to shut their mouths as more lies spill forth.

    All clean upright cops need to applaud Paul Manning . This letter should be read in the Police Academy. There can’t be one decent cop that doesn’t lke this letter. Who cares what corrupt ones think. All corrupt cops deserve the same fate as Chief Ramsey in Shades of Blue with justice administered by another corrupt person.

  16. Look at that shots fired in the Yorkdale Mall in Toronto. I guess letting people off on gun charges even though they were caught with the guns so that you could waste time and money on contempt of court with Donald Best is part and parcel why we have Yorkdale Mall closed till tomorrow, Oh wait an Ontario Court Judge let a motorcycle club with guns off too I believe. Bravo to useless people in authority..

  17. In Waterloo Ontario a female police officer was caught on 10 charges of corruption. She quit and then the Police Chief rehired her for another position. This is ludicrous. How about instead of a work she is cleaning her own jail cell. The Police Chief deserves the same job.

  18. Finally a decent judge handing out a decent sentence. Crooked Hamilton cop Ruthowsky given 12 years in jail and Judge Clark blasted him as hurting society. The defence wanted 3 years in jail the crown 10 years and the Judge gave over 12 years and $250000 fine and if he doesn’t pay it 3 more years.

    What a nerve of a lawyer to ask for 3. RUN these lawyers out of town.


  19. And crooked cop Ruthowsky in bed with organized crime outed by Paul Manning years ago was denied bail while appealing. Let’s push for denied bail to all crooked cops and all people in organized crime.

  20. Justice Robert Clark called a mistrial in a drug case after he accidentally used the F word. Not nice to use that word but a mistrial. Seriously while crooked money laundering lawyers get off crooked cops etc.

    Time for the justice system to wake up. Just because the Judge used that word did not prejudice the rights of the accused. The Judge should not have had to call a mistrial .

    At least this judge didn’t let this crooked cop off and roasted Ruthowsky. Definitely not a friendly judge. Perhaps public pressure is scaring the organized crime figures to stop seeking out friendly judges. TOO MUCH HEAT NOW ON THEM.

  21. Premier Ford you will not leave a stone unturned as you stated prior to the election. There are lots of unturned stones waiting to be turned up side down in order to see what’s under them. The roaches and dirt in Ontario. Paul Mannings letter to you reveals so much. All for years known and not one coward in politics or police have done a thing. It took that crooked Ruthowsky getting caught up in a sting to receive the fate he deserves. THATS PATHETIC. COWARDS GALORE

    CSIS you paid Arif a house call. Have you visited Paul Manning to listen to the original tape. RCMP same thing. Do you think the citizens trust the OPP.? Do you think they trust you either? Unless you start cracking down on crooked cops and crooked government and their link to organized crime you are not trusted. Do you think employees caught stealing or sharing company secrets remain on the job. They are tossed out and charged. The shooting suspects in Yorkdale Mall. They are being sought right now. So I hope the crooked cops and their link to organized crime are being sought. A manhunt on for them. The ones allegedly linked to Eli Chantiry.

    Where’s ex molesting priest Father Ron Kelly. He defrauded 250 million from the UFCW pension plan Is the manhunt on for him? Why not read Sylvias Blog on WordPress which has a section dedicated to ex molesting priest Father Ron Kelly in bed with a former premier. This father Ron Kelly in bed with organized crime family in Florida. Wouldnt you say this guy might link to the Jeb Bush crooked cops bringing in cocaine to Canada. Is the government of Canada protecting crooked Ron Kelly. Perhaps many characters in unchartered.ca link together in conspiracy and cover up by government and crooked cops and maffia and drugs. Premier Ford isn’t that reasonable to ask. I’m sure you are proud of smart Ontario citizens wanting no stone unturned. Makes for a more prosperous Province and safer too if we clean up the dirty soil.

  22. Watch the movie Dirty money. It was the story of the theft of maple syrup in quebec. Whats intguing is how quicky thd RCMP border services and provincial police made the arrests. Also the accused stated that a guy with a gun maffia style forced him to do it. Threats against family. Typical mobster tactics. What’s interesting is the Federation that controls maple syrup the people make huge salaries. Quebec regulates the maple syrup industry unlike New Brunswick . So that tells you something right there. The accused found guilty openly attacked the Federation too. Perfect scapegoat.

    The amount of penalty in the court sentence monetarily also raises eyebrows too. Hey can the Rizzutto crime family and lawyers get levied this huge fine too. Can tgey go to prison for a long time.

    These are stories that intrigue you as not making sense Or crooked terry Nelson living in Montreal former FBi. The crooked link to each other. and I think we see maffia involvement in the Federation controlling the maple syrup.

    Watch Dirty Money on Netflix. How easy it would be yo threaten a scapegoat and get rid of your opposer in the same breath. Hey is that Jannette Crooked RCMP still around,

  23. The OPP executed search warrants at McDonald Block which is where Ontario Ministries are in July 2010. One was the Ontario Realty Corp. Hey OPP did you lay charges zgainst anyone. Perhaps you can enlighten us on that please. We want to know. Also Ministry of Social Services. Or are you covering it up. Now that got a hit this post so it’s definitely a hit for Ontario citizens.

  24. I think we have crooked cops on the payroll of crooked government linked to mobsters.Perhaps we should call some crooked cops.A hearing was to be heard at the Court of Appeal Osgoood Hall today at 9 am. Lawsuit is against corruption. Wonder how that went.
    You are crooked if you withhold a tape by crooked watching an individuzl. You are crooked if you do not cross the blue Line
    You are crooked if you are crooked and you spy illegally. As a journalist may I suggest you bring the tape to the individuals as your obstructing justice.

  25. The OPP have been challenged now to go after criminal obstruction of justice in Ottawa. The public is waiting. Unless they do immediately the investigation is tainted.

    Whenever the organized crime element is linked its immediately a criminal investigation and since the Ottawa Police Chief has no clue what is criminal or not means the chief needs investigating too. On behalf of honest citizens we ask the questions.

  26. Yes we would love to call the crooked cops. Tick Tock their on the camera. Eanie Meanie Minie Mo catch a snake by the toe.
    Let’s see which ones to call. The ones that cover crooked Ottawa ones. Or maybe in Toronto. Someone posted that in **division there are cops who would shoot you they are that bad or perhaps OPP or maybe RCMP or maybe Hamilton or Peel. A lot to choose from.

  27. Another great link is to follow the trail of evidence of the HSBC to Mexico drug Cartels. One journalist relates after her father was abducted and murdered the police told her if she wanted an investigation she would have to pay. The media were bribed by the government to be quiet. Millions of millions of dollars money laundered through the banks in Mexico for the drug cartels.

  28. Here’s a question for the Mexican army of the war on drugs if its real or a lie..,how come you do not blow the drugs at their source up little by little. Remove all citizens and destroy the drugs.

    Great idea. .then no more 100billion dollar industry..gun violence down…no more money laundering drug Ptoceeds…

  29. At the end of the Dirty MONEY Drug Cartel episode it is stated 9000 people went to jail for drug offences but not one HSBC employee did. HMMM

    THEN IN Dec. 2017 the DOJ of the USA dropped all criminal charges against HSBC. But that doesn’t matter. We all read the admission of guilt by HSBC so that doesn’t let thdm off the hook for being criminald. Just means the government is a criminal too. Covering up for criminals.

    Shutting down tHSBC bank woukd not cripple the ecomomy. It would help shut down drug cartels.

  30. Yes shutting down the HSBC would create havoc for the drug cartels. It would scarse the other banks from doing it. It would tighten the controls even more.

    The massive money of HSBC wojld easily pay legitimate account holders and freeze the Dirty Money transferred from one criminal terrorist go another. No economic instability othrr thsn the crooked.

    That’s what war is called. If it’s not fake.

  31. Are crooked people outside the house or inside. Is through the wall spying construed as inside the house. You bet. Is it a criminal offence. Yes it is. So does your government do that? Or they fund it. Or how about maffia.link as in crooked cops. Or maffia ditectly. Or unions. A whole network of them. How about cyber manipulation. A web page is changed to mimic the real authentic one.

  32. Donald Best said that because he can’t pay costs he can’t appeal against the crooked lying lawyers scumbag judge cockroach cops.

    But I say if Donald Best proves a phony account then CRA either steps in and removes the fraudulent costs and or pays Best TIPS reward monies.

    The costs are based on fraudulent costs so should be removed.

    Donald Best states you win when you have a lost cause and you publicly out it which pretty much makes the crooked desperate. They make mistakes and out themselves.

    Great job Donald Best.

  33. Ford Nation are you leaving no stone unturned. I still haven’t heard of a grand jury style investigation of organized crime into government and law enforcement. With crooked judges and lawyers being held
    accountable too. It’s a joint Federal and Provincial endeavor. The media is waiting. Donald Best story is huge. So is Paul Mannings. Can’t wait to hear the 80 hours of disclosure. We see its working, Ottawa police and the OPS board are unravelling. Matt Skof attacking Chief Bordeleau for his father in laws ticket scandal. Chief Bordeleau trying to cover for Matt Skofs expose of organized crime activities of Eli . Matt Skof 2 years ago tried to get Eli to resign. They are all caught in their messes so who is pulling the strings to cover up. Organized crime. That’s the likely answer if nothing is done. The OPP are investigating. Obviously Paul Manning is waiting to be interviewed. Can’t do an investigation unless you interview witnesses. It appears that’s already happened in Ottawa with Chief Bordeleaus father in laws ticket for careless driving. The arresting officer and court employees were not interviewed. Pretty sad state of affairs. So OPP you need to interview all parties involved including the undercover police officer who taped Matt Skof. The Jimmy Dore interview of Donald Best is on You Tube. It’s being seen and the Twitter account is getting more followers. These 2 brave guys are not going away any time soon.

  34. Someone on You Tube stated that powerful families juice the system in Canada. You bet they do. Canada is just as corrupt as any other nation with dictators. That is one great comment.

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