Emily Dixon sold out lawyer stay away

Here is the e-mail communication between this …  and me,she is annoying sold out puppet who works for the best interests of crown not the client.


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  1. The lawyer can’t distribute the tape to the public under lawyer client privilege. Lesson learned represent yourself and you can get the tape directly into your own hands. We do not need to pay lawyers. We have a Charter of Rights to represent ourselves so if the tape is important to represent yourself then get it on your own. Save your money. SRL have a great opportunity to expose crooked judges and lawyers and bullying ones are just that …crooked…the ones that step on your rights are just that…crooked…my oh my someone is interfering with the keyboard typing…that’s how you know there is cyber terrorizing going on.

  2. I am a walking wiretap….reminds me of the song by Trooper …one for the money two for the show three for the lady on the radio four might be the one you’ll never know if only there was a better way to go Watch The Commuter movie with Liam Neeson. Love all Liam Neeson movies. Once again crooked cops involved. Only a movie. But one that depicts real life happenings more than you think. King of Torts by John Grisham. Another great book by Grisham. Them class action lawsuits make the lawyers rich not the victims. Again real case scearios. This buds for you too. The radio is loud and clear.

  3. Philip Slayton a former partner at Blake Cassells Graydon wrote a non fiction book entitled Lawyers Gone Bad which created a bizarre storm in the legal field that pretty much got Mr. Slayton excommunicated from the boy’s club so to speak. McLean Magazine wrote a cover story of this book that dealt with past scandals of lawyers stealing sleeping with clients and argued for government oversight of what critics state is a poorly regulated self regulating profession and the cover story labelled all lawyers Rats. However this made the book become a best seller despite the Canadian and Ontario condemnation of the Book. Does murder happen on Bay Street. Mr. Slayton has another book that is called Bay Street..a fictional one that he says is an exaggeration but nonetheless murders do happen on Bay Street.

    Hope Paul Mannings book The Englishman will become a best seller thanks to the rats in Ottawa.

  4. Books Books Books by whistle blowers. Really getting juicy.

    Maybe I will write a book. How to catch the crooked. Amazing to watch as thieves try to steal your banking information by using a scam purchase to do so. But wait. That’s illegal of course. Did I say someone is not too happy with this online expose. Did I say people paid to scare are having the tables turned on them so to speak. Nothing like public exposing of crooked people step by step. Did you threaten a movie was made that is manufactured of course. Of course you did. You keep saying it’s coming. Where is it then so we can label them rapists. You know the producers of the movie the benefactors of this so called movie.. I just wave to the through wall spying. Yes rather embarassing that this technology exists and gets outed by a journalist. Does Metto Toronto police use this technology? How about the OPP? Or RCMP. How about stealing passwords using that technology. Of course that technology steals passwords. Hey wiretaps on the wireless phone. How do you sneak Food into class. So would crooked people for a union manufacture a movie ? IF they do then their criminals isn’t that correct. Or maybe their crooked police on the payroll do. If you possess a manufactured tape then your a criminal too is that correct.

    Oh wait paid hackers insert attachments illegally into emails. Once again criminal of course. How would we know that’s done? I wonder.

    Hey smile your on candid camera Rapists. Let’s have popcorn as we watch the RAID or is that a movie. Welcome to come to my door so we can put it on You Tube right while its being filmed.

    If someone comes to your door to threaten you or phones to threaten you……use speaker phone and you tube it to advertise it publicly. Nothing like shining the light on crooked people.

  5. An United Airlines plane was diverted from Rome to Ireland as a terrorist note was found on board. It was bound for Chicago. Were there any mobsters on board that day I wonder. The Welsh anti terrorism just arrested a man for such type of crimes. I hope the Irish Police did that for that bomb scare. USA as well.The passengers might be suffering PSTD from that experience.

    I sure hope that anti terrorism police check out the threat against average citizens of low level microwaves or sonar use and also RFID bugs being put into peoples bodies as GPS locators against their knowledge or will. Now that is a terrorist act by cowards against citizens. Does this screw up a Melanie Shaw secret court. Hey I wouldnt hurt a fly. Love my neighbour and would help anyone. So dont like this expose. I suggest the people’s whose job it is to stop these barbaric acts against citizens do so. Cross the Blue Line. Journalist Sierra you might be in danger. Crooked government crooked cops tied to maffia manufacturing stuff to suppress the truth and using these barbaric techniques are suspects in the use of this technology, Now that deserves counter terrorism police.

  6. The millionaire boys club…. Now that sounds like a great book title. Perhaps I can write a book along that line. We can fill it with lots of intrigue and twist and turns.

    Or since a million dollars doesn’t go far these days billionaire might be better.

    1. I wouldn’t worry too much about any danger. Those wiretaps catch the guilty crooked involved . The crooked are watch as they watch the innocent.

  7. A journalist has told me that Paul Mannings Twitter is being watched and that Twitter is lying and blocking accounts under false pretenses to get phone numbers. Thus all reading now know Paul Manning is bang on correct. He has hit a huge nerve. False pretenses is the correct definition as no reason to block it and under the Charter of Rights they cannot demand a phone number. Email is sufficient so where false pretenses is being used you know crooked cover up. Someone at Twitter or dirty paid hackers are stopping email confirmations too. So all readers you know where dirty crooked cops are. You know crooked police services are.

  8. Let us know if you get the tape recording on your own Arif S. Please let us know what’s on it that’s important to your case.

    We are reading tweets of a Kelly Ryan in Ottawa. She is obviously a police officer and that lying Matt Skof calls this female the most disgusting person he ever met. I’ll send Matt Skof a mirror in the mail. Then he can look at one of the most disgusting person I have heard of To all mirror manufacturers send Matt Skof a free mirror. Standing in front of the mirtor is a lying corrupt individual on a police service board protecting organized crime. How good is that. A picture of a cockroach

    It appears this Kelly complained in her police union and the piece of crap union president stated that. Can all Canadians join in to scream for the removal of this disgusting union president. One who attacks police unions members who he represents and two he laughed about Paul Mannings PSTD. Not to mention covering up organized crime link which is criminal. Please remove criminals from police forces and unions of police.

  9. Chris DeBurg is coming to Montreal.. bettee watch out for mobsters in town. They are not as discreet as they think they are.

  10. A book is bring written outing a union involved with maffia link where they edited deleted inserted stuff and now have bern caught. I wonder which union that is. The police know which one it is. They have been on the WiFi if individuals for years and years. The journalists have been instrumental in exposing this. Through wall spying has bern done and lets see who paid for it. All to cover up their corruption this union. They have engaged in illegal activity. Have fun morons douchbags scrum all those colorful names. Or are you upset your outed publicly. Manipulation of IP addresses emails . You name it. What a great book lije John Grisham.

  11. Is someone going to be knocking on someone’s door as they used an IP address or email to find them. Really. Now that would be hilarious from a legal stand point. But then hey will get labelled rapists if their corrupt. But that’s what was set out to accomplish. Expose to the public all the spying methods crooked people etc so then we accomplished what we set out to do. Catch the crooked. Help clean police do it too.

    So lets see what crooked come. We will be waiting. To let everyone know who it is. Remember hackers read direct personal messages. Of course they do. Then they pay people to hand them over. Let’s see who might be involved with that at one particular website. should be fun.

    We did entice the through wall thieves to do that.

    Xbox ps4 modems all ways to eavesdrop on people in their homes.

  12. Mr. Sanibay we live among moron and retards that run our judicial system sit in government positions like FSCO and these same moron mentality reaches to all the provinces. In a police obstruction case in Quebec then heard in the Supreme Court they argued and wasted tax payers money on such retarded reasoning you ever saw to overturn the conviction of the police officer who blatantly covered up for another cop who was driving impaired hit a medium went through a stop sign.The cop who was charged who failed to get breath samples against the impaired cop and even asked the union if he had too. What a complete joke. The trial judge was correct and they try to circumvent the law at the appeals level tthen at the Supreme Court that it was the discretion of the cop not to take breath samples when in fact it is a duty and by not securing the evidence to convict its obstruction of justice charge. Not grounds to have a new trisl. A conviction that was right and just. A cop covering up for another one that could have killed soneone with a high level of intoxication. TOTAL JOKE AND WASTE OF TAX PAYERS MONEY WHEN THE CORRECT CONVICTION WAS SECURED AT THE FIRST TRIAL. Should never have made it to the Supreme Court but I guess you need to take away Supreme Court Hearing for legitimate Canadian complaints of Donald Best and others that are of high importance to Canadians with respect to corruption by both lawyers judges and cops.

    No wonder we have lawlessness crooked cops crooked lawyers judges all running around. Criminals running around freely because of imbociles in our justice system. MORONS in writing the laws. Read the laws and they are written to protect certain criminals.

    The rubbish that is written in the court of appeal attests to the stupidly of our justice system in Canada . I beleve it states that one judge said its not the duty of a police officer to investigate . Really yes it is. The police Act across Canada says they do and in this case a drunk police officer who was putting the public at risk was a duty to arrest and convict. To convict you needed the blood samples. Discretion was never a factor. Never should have been allowed to be used.

    Please read R. Vs Beaudry with respect to police discretion and have a real laugh at the bull crap written.

  13. Is the CRA planning to come after a journalist as they do not like online expose. In Montreal many CRA employees were caught in vibes with the crime family and charged.

    Perhaps crooked cops are coming.

    In eastern Ontario a tape was made of city employees.and distributed and the police are telling people not to even open the parcel. Preferential treatment. What if someone complains of illegal wiretaps especially if its probably crooked doing it. Police do nothing.

    Mike Duffy and Pamela Wallin were former news reporters. Not members of the old boys club. Nigel Wright was not charged but it takes 2 for a bribery case. Hmm. Mike Duffy was hired by Harper to help his imagd. Duffy testified he did everything to fit within the guidelines. Very much different from the lying lawyers who fabricated evidence. Made false affidavitd. Lied on a tape recording. A judge that committed judicisl misconduct. A criminal cop masquerading as a private investigator. All blatantly doing these acts to get away with stuff. Feeling they are untouchable. Mike Duffy did not hide or conceal. Very different charactees. This systemic abuse by the legal system is appalling.

    Metro Toronto police take a camera found in a Starbucks washroom seriously. But do they cover up for crooked who may have put a camera illegally in a whistle blowers house. Great questiin. Nope they didn’t even come to check. No doubt cover up.

    If the crooked show up at a journalist house will they be arrested.

    Crooked cops in the Cornwall Inquiry protecting child molesting priests and the only one charged was a former OPP officer Perry Dunlop who blew the whistle on CHILDREN being molested by Catholic priests and others. He was charged with obstruction of justice. Wow. More like disgusting. An OPP officer and family hreatened with a hit maffia style and he gets charged. because he ended up refusing to testify after the behavior of those involved in the justice system. Sad. Rampant blatant corruption protection of criminals incompetent people.

    May I suggest you start investigating unions as that’s where you will find skeletons in the closets.

  14. Which departments of government would be involved when you have lawyers money laundering drug proceeds and nothing is done. They continue to operate.When nothing is done then that means your protecting the criminal money launderers. Thus the one that protects the crooked makes a percentage too. Isnt that reasonable to conclude. A former DEA agent stated thr trail up drugs many times ended up right to the CIA. So shouldn’t the CIA be bringing down the drug cartels. Information gathering is only good if you enforce its Does the trail of drugs end up at CSIS in Canasa. CSIS was created to aid the RCMP as the RCMP had many cases of corruption and were not performing their mandate. Is it any different today? The whistle blower of the drugs into Canada with Harper’s friend Mike Huxtable crooked FBI Terry Nelson Jeb Bush also goes along with a massive multi billion dollar fraud scam to rival Bernie Madoff in nature. Hmm. No doubt money laundering drug proceeds were in that scam too. This is a massive fraud upon the people from one story to the next with crooked government cops mobsters drug cartels all hurting every day citizens worldwide especially Americans.

    Is it quite possible that Trump doesn’t like drugs and would love to take the Drug Cartels down and it’s the crooked people behind the scenes who don’t want that done. The manipulators of the world. So they use media to attack him. Even the nutbar maniac in North Korea says Trumps ok. Now thats actually a compliment and an accomplishment for Trump . It keeps the jerk quiet.

    Hey I think that would be amazing. Drugs are disgusting and people can depend on their own inner strength to cope without drugs Those who get them hooked don’t want that. Drugs are way at the top to eradicate way ahead of terrorism of the middle east. So why isn’t it the main focus.
    Read the story of the Plames. The wife Valerie was a cia operative.

    But lets face it nothing here would get crooked people to come to your door. This is all truth across the internet. Conspiracies you know are true. What would want someone to silence you is the fact that low level microwaves are used. They are a reality. It’s done against ordinary citizens whistle blowers. RFID bugs can be put into people to track them anywhere in the world like a dog chipped. The RFID bug is used in conjunction with low level microwaves or sonar. That is a huge human rights violation and your government is involved even though they would deny it. Old equipment used in generator plants can be turned into microwave weapons against people. The very day citizen can be scammed through smart meters and as power generating plants are hooked up to one central station.

    Would the crooked try to hurt a person who has that RFID chip in them? Would the governmrnt be involved and if so which ones. Would a Melanie Shaw trial occur because of this RFID bug. Remrmber it will link to organized crime ptotection if anyone tried to hurt the person with the RFID bug inside done against their will.

    Ask the wiretaps and other illegal tapping who has a bug.

  15. Arif how many people contact u with stories of corruption. Can you let us know if anyone can link your story to another. No names or stories as it’s anonymous but can they verify that the crooked you name did it to someone else. A support channel is necessary.

  16. Where is Father Ron Kely. Ex molesting priest of the catholic church wanted for money laubdering in the Bahamas and in bed with a crime family in Florida . I read about it at Sylvias Inquiry on wordpress.

    The Cornwall Inquiry is there too. Massive cover up and it doesn’t paint the OPP in a good light. It paints them as being in bed with criminals. Were sone paid a nice sum of cash to attack Perry Dunlop. To protect the crooked. That is probably what most Canadians reading it think.

    So where is Ron Kelly. Paid a great amount to disappear by organized crime known as government no doubt. You have your link to the Federal government. You have your Ontario governmrnt link.

    You know who covers up and great journalist question. Is Ron Kelly aiding and abetting drug trade into Canada then US and aided to hide by government and organized crime. That’s an amazing question if you research it. How can a fraudster of 250 million dollars freely cross the borders. Because FSCO allowed him to. Because you had a former premier involved. Thats why.

    Great Canadian conspiracy as called on the internet if you search. Newspapers covered it for a while. Then nothing.

    So once again who will capture Ron Kelly to question him. Where’s the red flags . What fake name does he use. What border crossing patrol are on the take. Apparently a number in the Mike Huxtable Terry Nelson fiasco.

    Are law firms used to money launder drug proceeds as it’s easy to hide under lawyer client privilege, Of course. Biggest scam there is. Biggest criminal conspiracy right up with terrorism. Lawyers and judges in the middle. Useless government not bring competent to shut the crooked law firms down. An incompetence on purpose. Allowing the rich to control your money . Your tax dollars and putting your lives in danger everyday by drugs guns violence stock manipulation scams galord.

    The great Canadian conspiracy alive and well today. Unions smack in the middle of corruption. Lawyers smack in the middle. Do little lawyers milking the union members and not protecting union members rights. A union lawyer and union ignoring sound advice not to get involved in a union sponsored plan called retrocom. Union lawyers bullying FSCO. Union lawyers protecting incomprtent peopld as they milk the union members. A lawfirm no doubt protected by a crooked government and perhaps organized crime. THEY couldn’t get away with what they did without protection.

    Yes a huge Canadian conspiracy also aided by do little police .

    Where is Ron Kelly. Where is accountability . Where is protection of the hard working Canadian not organized criminals. Where are the charges. Covered up by crooked police unions in bed with organized crime. Harassing and stalking honest police . Crooked law firms attached to crooked unions.

  17. The crooked would show up masquerading like some scammers who show up as rcmp to scam money saying you owe money to the Canada Revenue Agency so my guess is if you have evidence they will come with false pretenses.

  18. Let’s see who r the suspects in the use of low level microwaves or sonar. Who might have paid and put the RFID bug in.

    Government of Ontario protecting organized crime. Government of Canada protecting organized crime. Crooked lawfirms. Organized crime.Crooked unions. Crooked police.

  19. Has the unworthy opponents come back to the game. Were they enticed. The ones never held accountable.

    In the God Father 2 isn’t there a grand jury investigation taking place. Is there one on the horizon.

  20. Every journalist on here is watched unethically. You can be guaranteed of that. What posts bring out the goons the intimidation tactics harassment.

    How is the intimidation done. Perhaps phone calls originating in Quebec. Was crooked Montreal police eavesdropping. As you can see no journalist is intimidated. in fact the caller on the phone is paid to call. Thus out it. Of course keep track of it.

    We don’t like cockroaches. We despise parasites. We are not afraid of retards. We are here to help Canadians expose the crooked covered up time and time again hurting each and every citizen of Canada. If you don’t like being exposed clean your act up and stop hurting Canadians. You do know journalists can mimic each other on purpose. Quote on purpose.

    The crooked belong in a jail cell for many many years.

  21. There are some good books coming out. Cant wait to read them. Yes parasites cant be tolerated in life. Cockroach cops.

    On my way to Thailand. Should be interesting.

    1. Yes the officer who appealed his conviction for obstruction of justice since he didnt take the blood samples of another officer and they argued discretion all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada to try and overturn his conviction the point to highlight if you read the case study is the convicted officer said he had to ask his union if it was ok to take the blood samples or not. Or to that effect . This is where I think the mouth drops. Because this is an officer carrying a badge and gun and he doesnt know what his job description is. Its unbelievable and to argue a police officer can use to discretion after the impaired cop ran the stop sign hit a medium and could have killed someone shows the incompetance of our justice system to allow such ludicrous excuses to cover up for a cop crossing the line and committing a criminal act. This is stupidy of the highest calibre and that is why so many criminals walk free waiting too long for trial. And do unions of police try to cover up cops committing criminal acts. With the internet this problem is occurring more frequently then anyone wants to admit.

  22. No one will show up at your door about low lrvel microwaves or RFID rice size implanted in a body illegally. Instead thry will try to set the individual up.

  23. Mr. Sahinbay has someone threatened you because of the posts on here. Or those who are in your story. Have they threatenned.

  24. Mr. Sahinbay nothing in your posts or by posters can get you into legsl hot water. The only ones to be in trouble are the crooked and we ask..why haven’t they. Never worry. Donald Best had a poster Poverty 101 who apparently someone had thought about trying and they flu d out the government requested the person be watched. Now that is criminal. Our police forces cannot do that so clearly our police forces are being manipulated to do what they are not allowed to. That is illegal. Poverty 101 obviously had lawyers involved in their case that we corrupt. To law enforcement stop protecting criminals. The citizens have had enough.

    1. Is there a maffia mole in the metro toronto police. We believe so and we know which characters they probably protect. The police can respond but their silence speaks volumes. Eventually they have to answer for it.

      We have evidence of cyber hacking on camera. Cyber hacking of an email.

      Everything is done on behalf of canadian citizens and their safety and for justice and fairness. We will go into the lions pen for a story. Thinking of criminals including cops lawyers judges and government enablers. . They need to be put in a pen with lions instead of jail. Far better punishment. These are cowards of the highest degree. Treasonists to the full sense of the word. I should see if treasonists is a valid word in the dictionary. But who cares they do commit treason. They steal your justice for money and power. They imprison the innocent. They protect criminals. They steal away your safety in your country.

      Glad to read your not threatened. See moral of the story. Be a royal pain in the butt for crooks. Out them online. Never be afraid…let them fear you and what your mouth can say and your fingers can type.

      And of course CSIS is watching so that scares the hell out of them. So does clean police reading. The ones on their payroll are outed.

  25. Of course were talking about the corrupt cops judges lawyers and government employees. They always know who they are. They
    definitely do not like being outed but hey they chose to be corrupt. Thats their own problem. The selling of police information to organized crime either directly or to their lawyers is treason putting the country in danger. We the citizens make the country. Our safety is first and foremost. There are always an organized crimd mole in police forces. They can’t operate unless there is. Organized crime refers to an organized crime ring and doesnt necessarily have to be an organized crime family name attached.

    That’s why the crooked go to such lengths to cover up. They know they are endangering everyday citizens so they circumvent laws make their own interpretations rely on others to cover them bribe plain out lie and conive use bullying tactics and threats ..The list is endless.

    The crooked lawyers in Donald Bests case might not like being called crooked but we can as we heard the evidence. The judges might not like being called crooked but that’s too bad. We saw the evidence. We saw the rulings. The crooked cops are Van Allen and those who covered him up. We see all the evidence and as tax payers we demand accountability. Without accountability corruption exists. This corruption leads to a multitude of questions surrounding blatant cover up at all levels of governmdnt law society and cops . They can’t run and hide from the questions. They try.

  26. I watched the video on Best twitter of the woman who had armed men come up to her van. What did she do. She reversed started pushing the armed assailants car. They jumped in and reversed .She followed them pinning them in and smashing their van. They were apprehended by the cops. Bravo to being quick thinking and smart. I woukd have done the same thing.

    Nevet let the crooked whoever they are get away with it. They are there to hurt you not invite you to tea.

    Same as crooked cops lawyers judges etc. Never let them off the hook. Donald Best was put in jail under false testimony. His life was endangered regardless of solitary. His life was endangered when they posted his personal info online.

    What should citizens do when readibg his story. React wisely. Let his story reach millions in support. Those armed men represent the cowards who steal your freedom and justice. Who cover up crooked or engage in money laundering drug monies for drug cartels and others. Who sell police information to organized crime. There is no difference between them and the armed assailants.

  27. Here is the description of corruption—-
    Giving or taking advantage through means that are illegitimate immoral and or inconsistent with ones duty or the rights of others.

    Wow that fits the description of corrupt lawyers judges government workers and cops.

    So if anyone tries to sue you for caliing them corrupt—great definition to use and then tell them where to go.

  28. Donald Best.ca a poster spoke of 3 FBI agents given evidence of judges and lawyers and state employees and their corruption and all the agents refused to do anything as they stated if they went after these guys thry woukd havr to go after many.

    Well here’s a good example..if we refused to clean our homes.saying it’s just a little dirt who cares then eventually you get a bigger. mess. Or if you purchase a house that needs repair but say oh well there’s too many Ill just not do anything. What’s going to happen. The house wil. eventually fall apart.

    Well governments that’s exactly the mess you have caused by not dealing with corruption . By letting lawyers and cops self regulate and you have caused such disrepair for justice and human rights. Your lands stink from the stench of corruption and dirt.

    Actually in Canada the prime minister’s residence in Ottawa apparently needed alot of repairs to bring it up to snuff. Really so if you see the need to repair it and do fix the residence you can clean up the corruption in the country as well.. Thats just as important.

  29. Donald Best has won.. .maybe not justice in terms of these crooked lying lawyers judges and cops.being charged and Mr. Best receiving compensation ..but he has won because his story attracts the attention of wikileaks…website twitter facebook accounts which has international attention. Government officials law enfircement lawyers judges and the average citizens of the world reading it and linking to Donald Best.ca thereby putting the lying lawyers and judges in the world spotlight. Putting Canada in the spotlight for covering up corruption. Every tine these lawyers cross the border and travel the world their faces and names are synonmous with dishonesty and causing an innocent man to go to jail. A corrupt judge doing the same thing. When they attend seninars or conventions anywhere in the world fellow lawyers or judges whisper their names and snicker behind their backs once again exposing the corruption of Canada in covering up criminals. Same thing for the crooked cop. Average citizens who read and listen to the evidence who work in hotels know their names and faces. They have gained notariety for their dishonest ways and that crooked reputation follows them everywhere. They cant cry foul. They did it to themselves. They had the audacity to say Donald Bests letter to the court was defamanation. What a joke and the only reason they dont occupy a jail cell is because the crooked cover them up and keep criminals from going to jail.

  30. The power of the internet. An officer in the Cobourg Police a female Amy Matthjjsse faced 19 charges before the Police services but it is on hold as they are checking to see if these charges are in other words vindicative by the police chief .. A reprisal for whistle blowing. Read her story.

    Thanks to courageous people like Paul Manning that direct pur attention to important stories like this as charges against a police officer as a reprisal for exposing stuff hinges on criminality and police chiefs are not above the law. Actually its a very serious charge.

    May it be a real inveatigation not just review as it can bring about criminal charges.

  31. It seems Paul Manning enjoyed a family vacation in Disney
    World. A well deserved holiday at the most magical place on earth . I cant think of a better place to unwind from the stress of being a whistle blower and the natural medication that comes from watching the joy and laughter of your children . The best feeling in the world that money can’t buy. Kudos to the courage and bravery of men and woman exposing corruption because you are the real winners. Your children are the richest children on earth because you define courage bravery integrity and a true love of your fellow citizens. Your spouses deserve commendation as it puts a toll on them too.

  32. Paul Manning has reported in a news report regarding the Coroners office reopening the case of the death of Ed Lutner who was a former TD. bank executive who was money laundering and his daughter claims he was murdered along with a former cop. The Coroners office is reopening the deaths of both as suspicious. Deaths ruled as suicide and ignored by cops even after the daughter had sent letters twice to the RCMP and was told to stop writing and had a note put on her windshield saying…watch out.

    Wow not only reopen the cases of death but a cover up linked to RCMP and Halton. What police do not have a sense of smell to open the trunk of Mr. Ed Lutner’s car trunk and smell the scent of a dead body when his daughter did . Ms. Luther also found other stuff that was auspicious.

    An obvious cover up by police of money laundering crooked cops and organized crime no doubt. Investors Group is now linked with numerous appointments between an agent and Mr. Lutner.

    This Coroners request proves public expose forces reopening of investigations. Jane Lutner has been persistent in her efforts and we congratulate her. Not only to get justice for her dad but to expose cover up of crooked that puts all our lives in danger.

    These are the men and woman who are your friends so please support courageous whistle blowers. A police officer in Ottawa has attacked police who have exposed stuff on Twitter. To that officer your a cockroach and danger to society as you allow crooked cops to go unpunished and you do not deserve to be a cop.

  33. It appears that the American border guards are banning people from entering the USA who are connected to pot. Either investing in it working in the industry or are caught smoking it. When it becomes legal in Canada it is still illegal in the USA. It is a federal charge .

    Apparently the border patrol read social media and know who owns investment in the pot industry so should be fun to see how many former police are banned from the USA. How many politicians are banned. How many lawyers are banned from entry. One American Immigration lawyer states that either get out of the pot business or don’t attempt to come to the USA.

    This should be amusing to watch. We could compile a list of politicians former police all who have investments in pot and see which ones get banned. The USA has it right A federal crime right alongside cocaine and heroin. No difference how people try to twist it. The Federal Canadian Governments website on the dangers of pot. Then there was a disclaimer at the bottom saying there is plans to legalize it in the future. Isn’t that the most hypocritical thing you ever did see. Lets legalize it even though it has health risks. Obviously this website was around for many years as they encouraged children to avoid pot. But once the huge profits that could come about by legalizing it were revealed then who cares about the health risks. Did you ever see how fast the vultures came to invest. That should raise red flags. A study stated the mob had 39 percent stake in trafficking pot. After decriminalization it will go up considerably. Thats an interesting study as one would think it would go down.

    1. The story of the murder of Eddie Lutner. Is very compelling. Where did the $250000 go that the Investors Group Atkinson had. Now that the evidence points to this guy lying from the appt. book of Eddie Luther and the Halton police had the card of Investors Group who stole the money.

      $250000 was either taken by this financial advisor or the Halton police took it or the RCMP did. All of them are suspects based on the lying the cover up and threatening against Jane Lutner

      Who can you trust in the police forces with stories like this of police incompetence negligence or downright cover up. Jane speaks of an RCMP agent trying to intimidate her at a Tim Hortons I believe after she wrote her letters.

      The RCMP were once again told by Jane on Twitter end of last year. . CSIS had been contacted in 2005 or 2006. She contacted them again recently. What is going on in Canada. Cover up and incompetence.

      Lets see what occurs now. Was Jane Doe the DUI female that came in when Jane went to get her fathers car or was Jane Doe murdered at the same time as her father and stuffed in the car too then later dumped.. Jane Doe had designer clothing from Montreal. If the female DUI was charged she wouldn’t be getting the vehicle back would she. So why the mix up of paperwork. Now would there be police footage in storage of. the DUI female. Her fingerprint after being charged can be matched to the Jane Doe and if the DUI female was the murdered Jane Doe was she murdered because she linked to Ed Lutner.

      After the leakage of embarrassing Intel of organized crime in Halton and cover up Eddie Lutners suspicious death and handling by Halton and RCMP is even more important for Canadians. We thank Paul Manning and Jane Lutner for never giving up to expose corruption. Your courage is astounding . This story gets bigger by the day and courage is needed more than ever.

  34. The female DUI was arrested end of August same time as Lutner found. So the question was this female brought in on a fake arrest to try and get into the car of Ed Lutner to retrieve something and after she found it she got killed or was the paperwork mix up the cause of her death. Those are angles to folow if Jane Doe is actually that female.

    The interesting part of the story is the car of Ed Lutner was given back to Jane in order for her to get rid of it thereby it was easy to get rid of the evidence that Lutner had been kidnapped and killed and put in the trunk of his car. Quite convenient. Secondly how could police investigate his death without looking at the car for clues and then they would have smelled the stench. Even the coroner stated cause of death not determined so how could it be ruled a suicide without further investigation. . Jane Lutner questioned the police with great observations and nothing happened. Then she goes to RCMP and they look as guilty as hell in cover up.

    So lets see how the investigation goes and who else linked to Eddie Lutner. Time for the Investor Group agent to come clean. Either he has been threatened or he took the money. But my guess is he was visited by Halton police in Sept. 2005.

  35. Wow the intimidation tactics used by the crooked. A note on the windshield of Jane Lutners car saying ” watch out.” Oh how scary.. Not.

    Well I see Jane Lutner ignored it. Good advice to whistle blowers to ignore the threats.and intimidation tactics.

    PUT THAT NOTE ON MY WINDSHIELD and I will put 1000 copies of the story in the hands of citizens so they can read about it including the links and a pic of the threatening note and then plaster it on the I ternet everywhere. I think that’s called taking care of a threat wisely

  36. The Financial Post wrote a story about the Federal Court employees reading Donald Best website and doing whatever they intended to do. Checking up on the witnesses etc.
    Therefore Donald Best story has reached far into the financial world. The sins of the lawyers and Judges are exposed..Do you think this Cabal will back down. Or continue with their lies and cover up.

    Did you know in Toronto recently that the sins of the fathers of the Catholic Church resulted in a massive judgment. The Judgment went against the particular brotherhood for covering up molesting priests. Its the Basilian Clan.

    I believe it was the first time this was heard before a jury not a judge only.

    It is interesting that one priest involved in the Salts and Lights program apparently got his first funding from the Montreal Maffia. That needs researching . Who has been involved in helping in the cover up. At the Cornwall Inquiry in Cornwall Ontario a brave OPP officer who helped blow the whistle on molesting priests and others in the area had a maffia style hit put on himself and family. Then this brave officer had an obstruction of justice charged levied against him. Very fishy.

    Definitely need investigative journalists on the story.

  37. The Financial Post wrote a story about the Federal Court employees reading Donald Best website and doing whatever they intended to do. Checking up on the witnesses etc.
    Therefore Donald Best story has reached far into the financial world. The sins of the lawyers and Judges are exposed..Do you think this Cabal will back down. Or continue with their lies and cover up.

    Did you know in Toronto recently that the sins of the fathers of the Catholic Church resulted in a massive judgment. The Judgment went against the particular brotherhood for covering up molesting priests. Its the Basilian Clan.

    I believe it was the first time this was heard before a jury not a judge only.

    It is interesting that one priest involved in the Salts and Lights program apparently got his first funding from the Montreal Maffia. That needs researching . Who has been involved in helping in the cover up. At the Cornwall Inquiry in Cornwall Ontario a brave OPP officer who helped blow the whistle on molesting priests and others in the area had a maffia style hit put on himself and family. Then this brave officer had an obstruction of justice charged levied against him. Very fishy.

    Definitely need investigative journalists on the story.

    So many facets to search.

  38. I see Paul Manning has been litigating since 2015 against the Hamilton Police Services. What’s taking so..ooo long .. Hey Courts lets speed it up. .The public’s waiting.
    The dragging of feet indicates guilt you do know that right. The same for the dragging of feet by those who know of low level microwaves and an RFID bug. It’s been known for 9 years isn’t that right. Cover up!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. So many officers killed in the line of duty. Lets remember them. Paul Manning is posting them on Twitter. That’s true respect.

    Never met Paul Manning . Love to though. Love to shake his hand and tell him there is no finer example of courage then him. Actually his picture on Twitter reminds me of the actor in the movie.The Safe in which the lead actor expose crooked cops and maffia both Chines and Russian. When I came upon Paul Mannings story on the internet and saw his picture I thought he looked familiar. Then I saw the movie again and that was who Manning reminded me of.

    The Mayor of Myrtle Beach SC during Hurricane Florence on CNN .,I think it was Myrtle Beach stated that they would recover from the flooding but never from the loss of life. Well said..

    The same goes for the loss of lives destroyed by corruption and guns and drugs and other violence. It takes its toll on humans and that’s a tragedy. A preventable tragedy many times if corruption and organized crime were dealt with properly.

  40. MacLean Magazine had very interesting stories about the Rizzutto crime family of Montreal. Enjoyed reading them recently.

    So that made me wonder if MacLeans has approached Donald Best or Paul Manning for a front page story. If the Financial Post wrote an article with respect to the Federal Court then you would think MacLeans would compete for readership. Especially seeing as MacLeans is Canadian.

    I hope to see a front cover in MacLeans or its credibility is tested then as to true journalism with no bias.

  41. I watched a news program. Can’t remember if it was the 5th Estate but it was about a murderecd an who was about to whistle blis and then was murdered. A person interviewed gave great advice. He stated never keep a story quiet. Thats how you get killed. Dont be silent. . The internet is a great place to reveal. The story Iis still the story..

    A journalist was working on a huge story and was killed in a high speed crash. It’s believed someone played with the controlls of his vehicle. Yes hackers can do that too. The journalist was quiet. He didnt reveal to his friends what he was working on. Lesson don’t be sikent.

  42. The Ottawa Citizen newspaper said their investigation at the end of July found no evidence of wrongdoing and it was Matt Skof’s voice. Really Ottawa Citizen then did you get a copy of the original recording to get expert testimony as to the authenticity of the whole conversation and if no doctoring was done. Until you do you can’t comment to the public. Very foolhardy.

    That certainly tests the credibility of your reporting skills as well as investigation. Rather embarassing wouldnt you say. Just as embarassing as the lies coming out of that Chief and police Service Board. The lies keep appearing online.

    Quite incredible as this helps to see the newspapers that are there to cover up.

    That is a rather quick investigation as wel by the Ottawa Citizen. The police chief can’t call it false information unless he investigated it which he refuses so rather quick on the words there too.

    Continual attack on a courageous cop outing corruption.

  43. Ned 3 OPP officers connected to the Dudley George Ipperwash tragedy died in high speed car crashes. A number of OPP officers pushed for investigation of these crashes which were strangely coincidental. Was there truth to their claims the OPP were murdered. Now ask yourself what would be the motive to kill these cops. Because the premier ordered to shoot to kill. To get the protestors out at any cost. Who knows what these dead OPP cops might have said at the Inquiry.

    Now days with onboard computer digital controls for vehicles it is known that they can be hacked.

  44. Matt Skof apparently tried to get Eli Chantiry kicked out. To resign in 2016.

    Is it possible Matt Skof is scared as organized crime is involved here. That’s why he denied it was his voice in the beginning. Does organized crime rule the Police Services Board and the police too.

    How can Matt Skof who wanted Eli to resign a couple of years ago so adamantely deny the recording . Did organize crime keep Eli Chantiry in his position as you need your mole in high places,

  45. That’s exactly right this Matt Skof tried in 2016 to make Eli Chantiry resign so why the sudden need to protect him now. One questioning that sees a cover up in the works. Why?

    Paul Manning has been instrumental in the Ottawa story . Paul Manning says on Twitter he is quiet opinionated of cops. Oh a typo. Paul Manning is far from quiet,. I like his opinions . I think many Canadians share the same ideas based on reading comments across the nation. All posters on here share a common opinion and goal. Clean up the crooked. Is it that much to ask? Is that too much to ask of our police and crowns and justice department and government.

  46. Well obviously it is rather hard although simple. Money and power come first . I would never want to be a police officer . They have a difficult job as it is made unsafer by the higher ups and political people surrounding them. Kelly Donovan Fit4duty is an example of a former police officer who witnessed this corruption first hand. Her bravery Is on you tube. I too share Paul Mannings opinions. Opinions based on facts and reality. Matt Skof as head of the police union tried to make Eli C. resign as the police force in Ottawa were dissatisfied. Morale was low. So what hsppened. Was Matt Skoff told by the police Chief to be quiet. Is the police Chief the culprit in cover up . Those questions are flying right now and the OPP need to answer them. They also need to check the organized crime link but lets face it spying equipment had been found in Ottawa. The stingray use to latch on yo cell phones so any organized crime is already known. Dont fool us.

  47. The little birdie told me that there is an electronic spying bug in my martress. Let’see if the birdie is right. Let’s go buy a bug sweeper. You can buy them on Amazon . Also the bug sweeper can check the wires to the hood fan over a stove. Would we find something there. I wonder how much it costs for a bug sweeper.

    I have free mason relatives . They are kind and charitable. Not the ones that are apparently corrupt especially in BC.

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