The reality of the Canadian system

Well come to Canada Welcome to Canada!

Is there any justice or human rights! how about freedom ,freedom of your assets or freedom of your privacy! countless examples could be given.

These examples have been experienced personally so,no need to prove anything from my side anymore,if you need more proofs  please do not hesitate nor be lazy to bother of reading pervious articles on this blog.

Lost in translation just like lost in the system that is how they play this game because in every single step of seeking justice you won’t get anywhere at the end; They do either cover ups ,missing files or threatens legal or illegal ways.

If you have money in any Canadian banks ,you will loose the privilege of your money ,control of your money,

Legal system and financial system in Canada are mafia they are working together,last cover ups came from OPIRD(office of the independent police review).

I believe my last experience with these bastards is more then enough to show the way of coverups,how ever they did same thing previously,by making these complaints or seeking justice from my side is procedure only ,I already know that I won’t get anywhere but; This will help others (Investors ,businesses or new immigrants) to understand the reality of Canada I thing they do have right to know before they step in the trouble.

Do you want head ache or do you want to be lost in the system,do you want to punish yourself or want to see humiliation welcome to Canada.

The latest Ontario human rights commission decisions for my applications will be published in a few months,if you want to see how do they deny  applications without even any hearings,please fallow.

I don’t care what do they do or how do they do or the any result of these applications,main point is cover ups,you will see lost in translation game that is what they use in OHRC (Ontario human rights commission).