What happened to my oiprd complaint?


One thought on “What happened to my oiprd complaint?”

  1. are you back in Canada Arif. Im sorry I am delayed in Thailand so wont make it back for the Christmas holidays. Hope you resubmit your complaint when in Canada. But these complaint systems are flawed and once again corruption abounds.

    The girl hit with waves while pregnant is well known and ask why you were paid a visit by CSIS but they were not. Because they are monitored and who do you think monitors them. A number of people monitor the individual. Good and bad. So it shall be interesting what the future beholds for bad people. The government monitors this person. Now lets see who that is. So if they are being monitored then all the crooked people are known isnt that correct. This person is monitored by an RFID bug put inside a tooth implant. They are still monitored to this day. It is not gone. Then low level microwaves are used in conjunction with the RFID bug.

    I see that a mouse was found in bread in a Loblaws store in Hamilton. That reeks of maffia intimidation since Loblaws exposed the bread price fixing. Now lets see who is usually behind these price fixings….the government and the maffia.

    People might wonder why this stuff gets aired online. Its all for a reason. You can be sure of that. This low level microwaves used as weapons is all true. Not delusional. The people involved are very bad. The corruption is massive. It links from one to the next.

    The metro toronto police are involved. Where does the new OPP Commissioner come from. Get the point. The crooked are getting fished out one by one. Slowly being exposed. But again it doesnt matter who is in power its the same crooked maffia links.

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