The reality of the Canadian system

Well come to Canada Welcome to Canada!

Is there any justice or human rights! how about freedom ,freedom of your assets or freedom of your privacy! countless examples could be given.

These examples have been experienced personally so,no need to prove anything from my side anymore,if you need more proofs  please do not hesitate nor be lazy to bother of reading pervious articles on this blog.

Lost in translation just like lost in the system that is how they play this game because in every single step of seeking justice you won’t get anywhere at the end; They do either cover ups ,missing files or threatens legal or illegal ways.

If you have money in any Canadian banks ,you will loose the privilege of your money ,control of your money,

Legal system and financial system in Canada are mafia they are working together,last cover ups came from OPIRD(office of the independent police review).

I believe my last experience with these bastards is more then enough to show the way of coverups,how ever they did same thing previously,by making these complaints or seeking justice from my side is procedure only ,I already know that I won’t get anywhere but; This will help others (Investors ,businesses or new immigrants) to understand the reality of Canada I thing they do have right to know before they step in the trouble.

Do you want head ache or do you want to be lost in the system,do you want to punish yourself or want to see humiliation welcome to Canada.

The latest Ontario human rights commission decisions for my applications will be published in a few months,if you want to see how do they deny  applications without even any hearings,please fallow.

I don’t care what do they do or how do they do or the any result of these applications,main point is cover ups,you will see lost in translation game that is what they use in OHRC (Ontario human rights commission).




46 thoughts on “The reality of the Canadian system”

  1. Welcome to Canada. We’re open to business for criminals fraudsters and the most norious mobsters known from Russia Italy China Columbia Mexico.

    We screw innocent people in Canada so if you want help with a problem just call us. We will protect you. We are the crooked senior RCMP and other police forces across Canada paid by dirty money .

    We dont do our job to stop drugs that the big Fish supply that makes us and the government rich only the small competition gets nailed. That’s good for business. Elicit the competition and make us look like we’re doing our jobs.

    If your a honest cop that outs corrupttion we will attack you harass you and make your life hell. We will use illegal surveillance called raping bugs. We don’t use them against criminals. We use them to protect criminals. We create laws go help criminals and we will contravene your human rights and contravene Canadian laws to get richer.
    YES WE ARE ARE Canada EH were open for the business to criminals!!!!!! Just come. Will roll the red carpet out for you too.

    The crime minister welcomes you. So does premier drug lord and all the other crooked walking and stealing clean air from Canadians.

  2. If your a crooked lawyer no problem. Come to Canada . We need many to cover for the crooked. We need crooked judges too. They are just lying lawyers made to be judges to carry on lying. We can thank a lawyer for his own words saying all lawyers lie. Therefore judges lie.
    Mind you there are some good judges who try but the polluted air around them makes it difficult.

    The FBI warns the RCMP but the crooked ones try to ignore the FBI. Those meddling clean FBI are a nuisance isn’t that right crooked RCMP.

    So welcome to Canada and bring your dirty money and we will help you launder it. Will make sure we don’t use the cheap crap washing machines from China. Only the best. The most expensive.

    The crooked lawyers money laundering drug proceeds we will cover for them. No worries. As long as they pay money to our campaigns we are all happy.

  3. Yes this is Canada and a big warm welcome to Criminals. You will prosper in Canada. You can step on the toes and hurt the little guy and we look the other way. Just donate to us and all is great. Scratch our back and we scratch yours.

    Who cares if you tax evade as long as you help us stay in power. We will even make laws to help you legally tax evade. We create loopholes just for you criminals to come and get richer.

    Anyone complains we will harass stalk and hurt them with microwaves. We use illegal wiretaps and we get judges to give them so we can stalk whistle blowers. Your secrets are safe with us.

    We spare no expense to protect the crooked. Just contribute to our campaigns. That’s all that matters. We allow theft of lands of innocent hard working Canadians. We allow crooked police to keep their jobs but we have no problem breaking the law under the criminal code of Canada by firing whistle blowers. We even try to get our own Justice Dept lawyers to break the law and make laws that contravene our Charter of Rights. We give drugs to our watchdog departments so they are asleep on the job. Or the green bill works fine too. In nice little envelopes.

    We allow lawyers to bully and defraud in Court. The same for friendly judges. Then if someone complains we break the law even further. This is Canada where criminals run free like the cattle on the Alberta range.

    But we forgot that Canadians are resilient and in this day of the internet cover up is becoming harder to do.

  4. Yes someone tried to kill me with low level microwaves. They atta ked me violently.

    Right on Canadian soil. All true. They are desperate to cover it up. But I won’t allow it. The Pelican Brief is alive aand well in Ontario. The FBI can tell you that too.

    So we use satire to expose too.

  5. We love to expose using comical language. But it’s all very serious. This goes out to Mark Norman who has been railroaded and fighting for his career and life. All to protect the crooked rich.

    We Canadians see the guilt of our prime minister and his office . His clothes are transparent thin sheep’s clothing but reveal a wolf. One using the RCMP as his personal hit man. You should be ashamed of yourself RCMP . You cowards,

    Marie Heinen needs to supoena the RCMP too.

  6. On you tube you find some funny stuff and one of them was …if you ever owe the mob money. A poster actually stated the most simple explanation there is., well if you owe the mob money and are unable to pay breaking their bones or killing them or threatening their family isn’t allowed. We have measures in place to help people in debt and since loan sharkers charge illegal exorbitant rates and prey on desperate people they are criminals. So anyone who falls behind should go to a trustee in bankruptcy for relief and name the loan sharker. That’s legal. . Wow thats priceless advice. I’m sure the mob doesn’t like that though.

    Would the police be called to charge the loan sharker. Good question. It would be in Court approved documents. Love it.

  7. Should I have shown the RCMP outside my door the post about if you ever owe the mob money before its moderated. Maybe they would have found it amusing like I did. Oh did I spill the beans. Are you outside for my protection or for other reasons. Loan sharking is a criminal code of Canada charge that goes along with racketeering.

  8. Boredom is not a problem to be solved. it’s the last privilege of a free mind. Wow how enlightening. This was written in The Guardian. Oh that’s right you steal my stuff through the wall spying. We can’t forget that. I hear that Retrocom players did that to union members. Is that confirmed. They used remote satellitte spying and they link to a certain law firm. That is a continuation of the Pelican Brief. The plot thickens.

  9. Through the wall spying is raping bugs. So you do through the wall spying and your electronic rapists. Fair to say that.

  10. Hey I hear a union steals union members stuff using through wall spying hooked up to remote satellite. Then they sell it to crooked people. But wait their crooked too. This is classic. We love it

    Remember stolen stuff is illegal. So I am sure those union members don’t care. It’s useless. But raping bugs now that’s a different matter. .So stealing my stuff. Who cares. Great attitude to have eh. Care to try and use stolen stuff. Be my guest. Rather amusing thought. The through wall spying steals it. Rapists steal it.

  11. Oh look at that can’t make money off these revelations. We spoil it. Spoiler alert. Crooks are running rampant in Canada. Electronic rapists are above your house. Outside your door We can name every one involved. Oh we already did.

  12. The use of sonar/microwaves was used non a Canadian citizen in Ontario that was so violent it coukd have caused a stroke or heart attack. Lis level microwaves is done by drones and is through the wall spying too.

    Why don’t we out what the police and your government knows. The pelican brief. Hey fantino is your hit related to the microwaves

  13. Hey Arif did you get the name of the CSIS agents . Post their names. Then we will ask them directly if they USD microwaves /sonar like ygd military does. Former NSA whistle blower Bonney can tell you it’s USD is true.o

  14. Look at how Google change words. Ex NSA Whistle blower Binney woukd confirm that military style microwaves/sonar is used against people to stalk and harass. So is a pelican brief the re ask for military microwaves used on Canadian soil. Maybe Fantino knows.

  15. We are the CRA. If you give us TIPS we will cover them up if they step on our friends toes . Then we will stalk you. .Do we use microwaves or hire someone to co it. That’s our secret. But those darn journalists spill the beans.

    If you step on the toes of our Retrocom buddies we will help them stalk you and use microwaves. The Pelican Brief can’t be made public. But those Dar journalists never shut up.

    We can use our police forces to cover up too. Diesel generators can be turned into weapons to be used against whistle blowers. It’s military espionage illegal but it’s Canada we can use to protect criminals. We even put RFIDbugs in people’s teeth or elsewhere to track them. Those journalists out that too.

    That Pelican Brief is sure seriius stuff. Let’s discuss it in Court shall we.

  16. Care to sweep my vehicle. Is that you rcmp or other government in it. Ontario too. But wait William Binney could confirm the use of sonar and microwaves can be used on your car windshield. It works great on glass.

    Oh man did we just expose covert spying again. Your Canadian government hard at work covering up. We have a great story about covert windshield spying. We never shut up. . It’s been confirmed its true so William Binney can just double the confirmation.

    They can use the cars CD player too. Isn’t that correct.

  17. Or is Retrocom players in the vehicle of union members. Great questions that pesky journalists ask over and over again. We know the answer. Our covert monitoring knows the answers. So we have fun.
    Pelican Briefs are very serious stuff. The OPP know it.

    Can’t scare us journalists. A hit is meaningless to us. . It just tells every one were correct. It confirms the Pelican Brief. The threats to union members confirms the Pelican Brief is bang on correct. The union members thank the goons for threatening. YOU PROVED THEIR RIGHT AND THAT THEY STEPPED ON THE CROOKED TOES. Dumb criminals.

  18. Oh look at that a drone going viral for $130. Hey 18883101122. Do you use drones? Or do you know know union uses them or the government in relation to a Pelican brief.

    We are going to continue being pesky. Any threats of raping drones is outed. Is it possible to find a signal on the glass patio doors. Perhaps Metto Toronto police would like to answer that. They use drone surveollancd I hear.

  19. Is that a threat your through wall video stealing is being posted on you tube or threatening it will. . Well then you outed your criminals engaged in raping. Bring it to court and we can discuss it we would love it. Please use Ralph .

    We already know. So who cares. We figured it out long ago. But the world definitely doesn’t like electronic raping stalking and harassment. Would you like to show your face. So we can parade you as criminals. By all means produce drone video. Then we out you with your picture. Much like Donald Best does. We know these lawyers are being sneered at talked about behind their backs. That’s human nature. So that’s why they need to glorify them. Because they know behind the scenes other lawyers judges friends are gossiping about them. That’s the true reality.

    Such idle threats to journalists. We caught you and you do what you do best. Threaten Manipulate Stalk Harass cover up. So let these posts go viral. Ralph the Journalist is our name.

    Only criminals use drones into homes. Of couse video can be edited so no one cares about video from crooks criminals drug lords maffia crooked cops crooked government. That is the true reality. Produce a video and the future isn’t too good for you. A padded jail cell. Better bd segregated. They dont like rapists and child stalkers. But we love that fact.

  20. Union members of the one in a pelican brief tell us there were bugs in the union hall. Now why would have a union professing to represent members paid by union members bug their members. Great question.

    My guess its to cover up their corruption. So if they illegally bug members what else do they do illegally. I hear their books need to be kept secret. Why? Something to hide from the CRA. Or the CRA doesn’t want the books exposed either.

    So this is going viral. Then you can’t cover up the Pelican Brief.

  21. Not to mention the Italian looking goon entering the union hall after hours. When lights are dimmed. , What business were they discussing? Hey wait the bugs should have picked the conversation up right?

    Unless the bugs were to cover corruption up and the officials needed to snoop on members. Especially those who outed theif corruption.

  22. There’s certainly alot of Canadian ads showing up at the momrnt. Quite interesting. Do you need a scientific job. Not really. But if you need my resume you already stole it long ago. Do I need a job. No . Being a journalist is quite refreshing. Adding stuff can be done to emails when you have a clone a key stroke monitor on your electronic devices. That’s called illegal hacking. I hear there is lots of fake jobs on a certain job bank. That’s par for the course of criminals and manipulation.

    Not again pesky journalist. You out everything that can be done.

  23. Afif I hope you like the journalists helping you expose corruption. We know we got the attention of many unless a manipulator has by hacking attached to the blog. It’s always possible. . But if they did it confirms we all tell the truth of the corrupted. I have 2t 7 monitoring so I have fun with it.

    The fact CSIS paid you a visit speaks volumes. We love that fact and counted on that revelation. Thanks for telling us tgat. Your criminal charge goes back to them too and those who pay their wages.

    You are no threat to honest good people. It’s the outing of the fraudsters that they don’t like.

    I hope you find our posts amazing.

  24. I meant to say I hope you find our posts amusing. Sometimes the brain types different words. We find your courage inspiring.

  25. I just listened to a funny comment about people who fake vacations. A company will put you in pictures on vacation so you can post it on social media. Wow. Technology at its finest. Well that’s dumb. Instead of faking it go on vacation for real. It’s healthy for you.

    Yes technology does many things. Wow think of what criminals can do with technology. I already know.

  26. Let’s get it straight. You threaten violence and then you use violence by means of low level microwaves /sonar which is covert espionage illegal spying making us sick and we dont shut up. You attack us and perform illegal through the wall military raping and we tell the world. Not afraid.

    You try to intimidate us. We don’t shut up. You might use stealth banning by illegal means but we circumvent that. We watched as the revelation of RFID bugs and microwave use was never moderated until we never gave up and they appeared. Then we watched as it was buried among posts. But we were persistent.

    We wonder if William Binney and Eric Cole found those posts revealing corruption in Canada and directing them to Donald Best.

    So what’s next boys. Should we predict it online. The Pelican Brief is alive and not so well mind you. But every one is reading it. Donald Best can read it too. He is such an inspiration. Let’s make it viral. Let’s get a million hits. Do I get paid for any videos. I have rights to it. Thats legally correct Rapists.

    We see Julian Fantino had threats of a hit by a mobster and we ask Fantino what do you know? Our investigative senses though also makes us sniff deeper.

    We tell everyone the government is nvolved and we reveal a pregnant female was hit with microwaves and the government of Ontatio that covers for criminals including is involved.

    We turn every stone to uncover the dirt and funny that CSIS doesn’t knock at our door like Arif. Why is that. Smart people can figure it out. The answer proves the Pelican Brief and we thank the crooked for following the play book nicely as our predictions come true.

    Who cares about money. We care about outing human rights violations. We care for our neighbours and their health and safety and we feel bad as we watch our fellow Canadians struggle pay cheque to pay chequd. Living in small pats sigh cockroaches and bed bugs while the crooked fraudsters steal our money. While the criminals parade around in fancy cars and suits. But wait most people snicker behind their backs. The truth can’t escape them. I would be rich every time prople laugh at the crooked lawyers in Donald Best case or the other lying lawyers and money laundering lawyers. The ones at are known. All these lawyers are vilified behind the scenes and they brought it upon themselves. The crooked cops are known. We look forward to Paul Mannings day in Court with the cockroach cops.Let the fireworks begin. The maffia is about to get a rude awakening and the cops they feed and the crooked politicians.

  27. We feel for struggling Canadians living in small apartments infested with bed bugs and cockroaches because of the dirty money being made clean in real estate .Crooked mobsters and others who are supported by government.

    The internet is putting this information into the citizens hands and the corruption of Canada is on the international scene.

    Just like banks hold cheques for a week even cheques for insurance companies should be secure and the banks make interest on the monies held its not too difficult to put a hold on the cash pending verification its legsl. Such simple ways to stop money laubdering dirty cash but the very simple solutions are ignored. Why because the government supports dirty money.

  28. My suggestion to the class action lawyers for the diplomats hit by microwaves/ sonar in Havana Cuba is supoena the RCMP the CRA and the mobsters.

    Captain Mark Norman might know of sonar/military use but my guess he would be gagged. Marie Heinen needs to collaborate with the diplomats and a RCMP named Peter who alleges violation by the RCMP and their surveillance that he says violated him. I found his story interesting because we know!!!!!

    Were not gagged so we speak freely.

    We’re not interested in money and we would sue on our own if we chose to. . So we won’t be talking to any lawyers any time soon. We hear a crooked lawyer might be able to shed light on microwave use and RFID bugs.

  29. We have a former police officer Kelly Donovan who needs our help. She is a fine example of courage and integrity and it was a sad day for all Ontario citizens when she quit due to the harassment she suffered from the very police whose job it is to protect citizens because she exposed corruption. She is an inspiration to all females and a great role model to her daughter.

    Please donate.

    Hey Ford. Have you donated to Kelly Donovan’s go fund me. What about any lawyers. How about Trudeau. Hey SNC Lavalin. Did you donate yet. This is a honorable person. A courageous Canadian. . It’s a donation that can’t cause a controversy.

    We love shining the spotlight on the corrupted. Making them sweat. Because they can only wish to be like Kelly Donovan. They lack integrity and moral fibre and are a disgrace to society. They can’t argue. They already proved it. That’s what many Canadians say and write so I think the masses speak loud and clear.

    We always anticipate what the crooked will pull. Just watch what stunt they do next against Kelly Donovan and all other police officers that exposd corruption and they beautifully out their criminality all by themselves.

    They have already done it to date. But clean police are watching. They think a hit on Julian Fantino scares people. Not really. Its all being watched.

  30. I just read some twitter posts and is it true our Premier as some call Premier Drug Lord expects you get a colonoscopy with no sedation. Are they cutting funding for that too. Some of the comments were quite funny.

    Well I guess an RFID bug in the butt could be detected by a colonoscopy and being free of sedation you could demand they find the RFID bug. Sounds so far fetched. Covert spying at its finest. Can it be put in your body via ingesting a mail ordered Colin cleanse that was tampered with. One of the ways RFID bugs can be put in bodies without knowledge is it can be put in dental wotk like a bridge or crown. Inserted in stitches and being put in a powder solution you ingest.

  31. Police officers who suffer sexual harassment or harassment are stifled under their crap union arbitration . Because all unions are crap period and they actually steal workers rights not support them and the police unions are a prime example of the failure of unions. Al, union members across the country should sue their unions and stand behind the members screwed. Lawyers for unions are crap too!!!!

  32. Wow that was a great expose on covert surveillance. I wonder if anyone in Ontario has an RFID bug obtained by ingesting a powder cleanse.

    That’s so disgusting. But if your smart its not that far fetched. We have to thank the poster for that. Eye opening.

    Do you think exposing a Pelican Brief would get an RFID bug put inside your body illegally. Hey Metro Toronto police would you like to comment? What do you think? Is maffia linked to government in your ranks? Maybe the OPP would like to comment. Or how about RCMP. You are the go to people to cover the government and crazy criminals. Care to answer publicly. We give you the stage too. It’s not a laughing matter . I hear you are investigating the Havana Syndrome . So what have you investigated. Is it a pretend investigation to pin the blame on innocent people? Perhaps our new Ontario Superior Court Judge ix going to preside over the class action lawsuit for the Havana Syndrome. Oh but then he would have to recuse himself. Because the government is suspect too. We follow the crooked moves.

  33. For all you crooked out therevponder this. Crooked people who hurt other people are o better than the terrorists . Whistle blowers are no different then the soldiers who go to fight to get rid of the terrorists. We honor the soldiers and their courage but forget about the whistldeblowers whose courage is inspiring. Who blow the whistle on corruption for the betterment of society. Who by blowing the whistle suffer a great toll on their lives including mental health. Who have their lives stolen by the crooked. Ever dwell on the true reality you crooked of Donald Best case or you crooked in Paul Mannings case or you crooked others. That’s the legacy you leave for your children.

    What a sad reality but true. No one says it better then those who walk in the shoes of others. Who feel their pain and are not afraid to tell the crooked what they really are.

    So next remembrance day when you have your ceremonies to honor soildiers remember whistle blowers are to be honored too!!!! And if you are crooked and honor them you are fake as you are the enemy the soildiers fought to eradicate. You are the bad that permeate the earth and you cause harm to innocent people.

    That crooked is the truth you can’t run from.

  34. Tell me a Story all episodes streaming on Cable CBS. We should watch it.

    Reading the evidence of Paul Manning. Yes surveillance is not in the movies . When working under cover there should be many back up personnel to protect the officer. The very surveillance that is out there now can be abused by bad people so undercover officers cannot use them as they could be tracked by the bad.

    We should be spending money in policing and less on banquets and parties and political events. Instead of cutting jobs we cut the sunshine list doen. No bonuses to the heads. They get a salary. No more $300000 to a higher up when the same job is done in the private sector for $100000. which is a fair wage for the job. Minimum wage is $14 hr in Ontario and what jobs do they do. Sone of them are physically demanding for $27000 a year. No benefits and definitely no bonuses.

    So want to trim dosn. Cut the sunshine salaries and bonuses. Keep the same amount of workers. Hire more but not at exorbitant wages and stop the higher ups from going golfing during work hours while those under them do their job.

  35. On the subject of AI to diagnose PTSD apparently not much is known as to how PTSD affects voice patterns so the use of algorithms using voice is not reliable either. Many factors affect individuals differently. The problrm with insurance companies who are ruled by the dollar bill they put people in moulds using standard tests. They ignore the other medical data that actually proves theif wrong shen they stick to the standard mould.

    You can try to use AI along with other tests. That’s why humans are still far superior to robots. But we need humans that are not ruled by the almighty dollar. Yes some people can put on acts. They are good at manipulation but time proves it.

    But lets take for instance someone is injured bug they are spotted at a gym. Does that mean their not injured. Of course not. For some the step of going to the gym and using their inner strength to work out is the best medicine. Natural medication. A robot cant determine that. AI can’t determine that. Adrenaline rushes play out in people in many different ways. Emotional thoughts are different too.

    So when we stop using the dollar bill as a mould we can better determine the true nature of how we screw individuals and stop screwing them. A perfect example is the young girl where this crooked Harry Brown lawyer for a scum bag insurance company tried every dirty trick imginable to get out of paying the almighty dollar. So Harry Brown can keep wearing his fancy suit and parade around like he is King. He isn’t . He is a scum bag fraudster. He was caught.

  36. Did you know that corruption and cover up that fuels PTSD too also stops PTSD sufferers from working. How so. There are many unsafe working conditions . Jobs with health hazards. Jobs with labour law infringements and your very government is behind the cover up and allowing of violations many times.

    So for the fraudsters in insurance companies with their dirty tricks here is to exposing you mercilessly. Of course PTSD is fueling it too and you fraudsters polluting Canada are to blame.

  37. For all the amazing people working in the insurance companies or in government or any other place we feel for the stress that crooked people heap upon you and we know the need to feed our
    families and pay mortgages or rent is very important and its easy to be bullied for that reason and we understand and it really shows we need a concerted effort from the big group of bullied workers. We need support from all to send the corrupted packing. The whistle blowers do amazing jobs on their own but they always need extra support. The sure magnitude of blowing the whistle is exhausting. I think most whistle blowers will tell you the greatest stress they have received is when they realize that those they thought they could trust can’t be trusted. We really respect police officers who expose corruption because the anxiety and stress caused when other police lack integrity and then penalize them has such a profound effect on their faith in society.You need to walk in their shoes in order to comprehend it. You need to support them.

  38. The Pegasus Spyware had been around alot longer than 3 years. Dont be fooled. The same technology can be put into thread like RFID bugs and put in people. Low level sonar/microwaves/laser is used to track too. The truth is bang on that Pegasus tracking is done across borders. It’s done on aircraft too. Crossing international borders.

    The Citizen Lab at U of T needs to research this.

    Just like the RCMP refused to realize cyber terrorists were stealing data for money and arrested a guy in Thornhill Ontario with massive amounts of stolen data and they came up with a never used before charge be assured the Pegasus Spyware has been around. In 2014 the WESTJET APP was stealing data. It has only come to light recently. So were lots of others.

  39. Well I will tell you a story. I was being raped in Ontario at a job with so many health safety and Labour violations and it was an RFID bug in my body. This is the truth nothing but the truth and microwaves were being used while at work too and people know it’s true. Who do you think know. Who do you think are responsible. We can tell you the reason why too. It involves lots of money and a chain of corruption. Hey cowards the sun is shining on your corruption and cover up.
    The RFID bug is still in even though it’s was supposed to be removed . That’s correct isn’t it. I had an informant too.

    Those with an RFID bug inside and microwaves used will have eye twitching and face tingling. The nerves of the eye are affected. Thats all true experts.
    How come its not so frequent now. Because it was outed!!!!!!

    I could make an Affidavit attesting to this fact any time I want.

  40. And remember light bulbs can be used containing RFID bugs too and are listening devices not to mention electronic raping. The Pegasus Spyware is just one way to track. 24 7 monitoring has been done for a long time.
    How do you track an individual who does not carry a cell phone or tablet. The individual electronically raped in Ontario did not carry a cell phone but was being monitored 24 -7 . How was that possible?

  41. The citizens lab research and data was denied by the makers of the Pegasus system. Surprise Surprise.

    Just like they try to deny the true nature of the Havana Syndrome. I enjoyed reading the back and forth media coverage and expert advice. The Havana Syndrome was military espionage covert low level microwaves/sonar. You live the experience you know. William Binney I believe would agree. Thankfully the USA did not blame Cuba. So RCMP who are you going to blame?

    Even average citizens can figure stuff out prior to doing research. We go on experience too. And were not afraid to miss our mark occasionally. We push the limits though and we keep stuff front and centre.

    A crime boss was whacked today. He is apparently still alive. Shot in the face. Hope he is suffering. Just like all the innocent people he has hurt or killed directly or indirectly. Too bad we didn’t get capital punishment at work today and he died. But st least he will suffer . Rather dangerous to be a criminal now days. I think it’s time for criminals to rethink their careers and life path and change for the better, Certainly a safer choice to change course.

    We love our audience too. We welcome them all and say hey can you challenge us. Can you work harder to change. Can you help whistle blowers. Can you gain courage from the stories we share. If we get a few people to change or gain courage then we were successful.

  42. The individual monitored 24 7 monitoting that included electronic raping in Ontario was raped in bed during the night too. . 24 7 monitoring is truly that.

    Someone hates this outage since the person had no cell phone or electronic device and worked all over not one specific place so how could they ‘be monitored. RCMP do you know. We know. GPS tracking unlike one put in your car. and maybe a specific union would like to shed light on it too. Or are we spooking them. The RFID bug inserted illegally into a ontario citizen and used in conjunction with microwaves you can’t run away from. It’s the true reality. So what does a Gut Doctor warn to not eat. What vegetable is that. That ad showed up frequently . So I didn’t click on it. That’s how you get a virus. Oh pasta causes alot of discomfort in the gut so maybe the maffia who love their pasta paid for the RFID bug to be put in the body of a citizen in Canada.

  43. In this Me Too Era people need to realize that the claims need to be legitimate. Anyone that falsely accuses someone when it is not true is hampering the efforts of those who cases are legitimate. It needs to stop.

    It is hard enough to get sexual assaulters rapists and harassers charged and found guilty so we need people to stop accusing falsely and they need to determine at what point Iis true harassment and what is an occasional lewd joke or accidental touching .

    A story has been outed on here about electronic stalking and harassment and it is a true story. A story that people try to hide cover up and one that they try to dismiss as delusional. This differs from those who run around crying mind control and stalking . It’s a real incident being done world wide. Low level mictowave used as weapons is electronic raping. It is covert espionage spying. We bring it forth concisely and as accurate as it can be done and we are not afraid to ask the questions. Lots of money is involved in this type of spying. it doesn’t come cheap. RFID bugs put into people Iis against the law. Period.

    So may I suggest that men stop harassing woman. That they stop touching them without consent. They keep lewd jokes to themselves and maybe we won’t have a me too movement. Do you get that boys and men. But on the same note to girls and woman do not accuse a man of indecent behavior if its not true.

    And to stalkers and harassers whether electronic ones or in the flesh piss off.

    So when people get the point to keep their hands to themselves which includes the use of electronic raping surveillance maybe the me too movrment can disappear.

  44. Like Mark Norman fighting for his life–his career and reputation because of being railroaded we are fighting for human rights as an RFID bug remains inside a Canadian citizen and a remote satelitte steals all. We are fighting for a travesty of justice and decency. For health .

    We never willl be intimidated and silenced. The cowards can never hold their heads high no matter what and zlso by the cowards who by in action cover up.

    We are not in Kansas anymore Dorothy . We are in Canada a land of cowards and fraudsters. A land where scrumbags stick bugs in people without consent. Who steal your stuff for money. . Who use military to track you. Who believe they can do whatever they want including hitting you with waves.

    But wait in Canada also ilve courageous people who refuse to be quiet when intimidated and threatened. Who refuse to be governed by money. Who wont back down when bullied. Who know the Rule of Law and Charter of Rights and are not afraid to call the thieves out who steal them from Canadians. Who fearlessly will endure the wave attacks and pin the blame where due. You attack whistle blowers your fair game to expose and shine the spotlight of corruption on. That’s our motto.

    Now who has the power and money to use covert espionage attacks? Who has the motive ?

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