Been charged for extortion and found guilty is that so!!!

Unica Insurance company and the Law Society mafia was behind this charge and I have got 6 months probation.Very well ;now I should be pride of my first criminal record and celebrated at the Mandarin restaurant with my friend))

Judge already knew this one has nothing to do with extortion and under the pressure he gave his decision and found me guilty for extortion.

Landlord and tenant issue has became to this point because of unica insurance and law society mafia.

Bacause of this decision,Canada and reality of Canada will be keep published on this blog forever and this blog remain opened even after me.

I Won’t appeal the decision because I know the reality of the law and law society very well in this country.

You did your move and now it is my turn forever))

Burkina Faso Canadian Chinese connection

Canadian government is the one who should get blamed for this kidnapping and death of the victim,Canada must knock the door of their owner USA and tell them because of Huwai arrest ,shits start happening.

Canada is naive and a stupid country that they can’t read the world and the realty of the world ,they are successful of fucking their citizens very well. Inside and out side they are nothing.Canada must stop acting behalf of USA or, Canada and Canadian citizens become victims of crime or attack.

This kidnapping and the death of the victim is a warning,think twice or get more kick on your ass Canada.