Burkina Faso Canadian Chinese connection

Canadian government is the one who should get blamed for this kidnapping and death of the victim,Canada must knock the door of their owner USA and tell them because of Huwai arrest ,shits start happening.

Canada is naive and a stupid country that they can’t read the world and the realty of the world ,they are successful of fucking their citizens very well. Inside and out side they are nothing.Canada must stop acting behalf of USA or, Canada and Canadian citizens become victims of crime or attack.

This kidnapping and the death of the victim is a warning,think twice or get more kick on your ass Canada.

11 thoughts on “Burkina Faso Canadian Chinese connection”

  1. I’ll say hi to my monitoring. Did you enjoy the Italian countryside. I dif.

    I know nothing Arif about this connection but I do know of stuff that gets very coincidental especially when crooked police are covered up. We all know the military spies on civilians. Been done for years. The question is to what extent? Google earth type surveillance. We can tell you it’s more than that. The Havana Syndrome touches on it.

    But Paul Manning in project Newton and drugs and police covered up stated a certain cops name who just served a stint in the military in Ukraine. HMMM.. military personnel and police and drugs…all covered up..then we have Bombardier accused of bribes and money laundering by the World Bank. Building a railway along Ukraine border. Anyone see possible connections to stuff. These questions come as a result of cover up of cops caught trafficking drugs and they get no charges. They are still cops… we caught a scam coming from Romanian but connected to Canada ripping off on EBAY……Quite interesting..,but do you think anyone cares if the average Joe is ripped off. Apparently people ripped off of 3 million dollars and a former cop and other cops involved with the investors doesn’t get any police investigation as they are average joes.

    So to my monitoring care to investigate military link to drugs police corruption cover up, I think it’s possible. Also police using military covert stuff that they obtain while employed in the military. I think it’s a reasonable question to ask. Any thefts in the molitary covered up. Any stuff handed over by the military My informant stated that years ago.

    See Canada Is the same. Still corrupted as ever. Letting the crooked run free hurting citizens. Covering up crooked cops and politicians.

  2. It appears that police are terrorizing a whistle blower. I think someone is getting close to a real sensitive nerve. My guess its the name of a cop in a certain project. Was the above comment the reason.. We like to go over the top on comments because when bad cops engage in stuff the police are supposed to clean up and they face no penalties you crreate a huge problem in the country. We write comments in order to get a response. Is terrorizing the response of an innocent family. Mob infiltrator has the respect of many Canadians. He has his evidence of a cover up that endangers our lives. Yes bad cops drugs creates a toxic environment. So does guns. His evidence is solid. Solid to win in Court. As it’s stated.,beyond a shadow of a doubt. The behaviour of the police trespassing on his property makes his story all that more credible. The credibility meter can’t even register as the evidence is comprlling. We shockwave with comments to watch crooked people react. When bad cops react to cover up its incredible. Mob infiltrator cannot control our comments. They are out own. The name of the cop we found out ourselves. His name popped up and since we have outed military surveillance that is a human rights charter violation we are out to push the buttons. So if our comments create a stir well it sucks to be crooked. Stop being crooked and stop covering up crooked cops. The citizens have had enough.

    The military surveillance better start doing their job to protect citizens from bad cops bad politicians organized crime. Do you get the message. We have not done anything wrong so get lost. We are empowering to honest people and honest people make the world safe. Bad prople destroy it.

  3. To crooked cops criminally harassing honest people especially whistle blowers you better stop. The people are warning you that you continue these criminal antics a huge lawsuit will come against you all and all your criminal activities will be outed. Your all known . Your links to crooked politicians are known too.

    When reading the write up about project Newton and checking stuff who do you think the cop is who reconfigured guns and sold them to gang bangers including a gun apparently used in the Eaton Center shooting in Toronto? Would someone with military experience fit the build. Who was on the sunshine list as a detective sergeant ? Anyone do their homework?

    What journalists for mainstream media have followed the trail? Rather huge story . Follow the trails to dirty cops dealing drugs from Niagara Falls to York to Durham Regional police. The noose is getting tighter and the deception lies cover up are apparent.

    Many trolls on Twitter and Facebook. Interesting to see what brings out the trolls. If you ever watch you can figure out the common thread. Trolls ask an attacking question at whistle blowers. They continue the attacks even though they are called out with reasonable experiences and common sense. Then the troll tries to threaten or intimidate.

    So to dirty cops you better start thinking of changing your ways. Your moves are noted and expose what hits a nerve. This enables the general public to have full confidence in the whistle blower.

    Where are honest lawyers to help ones being criminally harassed by cops. Afraid. Have no courage? No backbone to see that a dirty cop is a danger to society because how can the public have trust that when they call 911 they will get an honest cop and not one thats dirty or covers up for the dirty. This is especially true for whistle blowers. This is a public trust issue of a massive necessity to investigate and a judicial inquiry is needed in Ontario . There is no sidestepping the issue.

    At the raptors game how many tickets were bought by fraudsters? Fraudsters who defraud investors into the millions. Covered up by the OSC who give slap on wrists. These slap on wrists that in turn give the fraudsters confidence that they can continue defrauding investors as they are protected by a useless watchdog. A watchdog friends with the criminals. Yes what excitement it is to watch the City come together to share in the success of their home team but also know the many fraudsters sitting among the crowds who are enjoying a seat obtained by proceeds of crime. Great way to look at it.

  4. I was reading whee in New Zealand helicopters and police with guns showed up a person’s home involved in a copyright civil matter. A matter involving money. Not criminal but civil.

    I think the law enforcement or government had a few loose screws in their brains. Helicopters and tactical gear. Who was behind this abuse of tactical ‘ equipment needed in the fight on terrorism or hijackings or kidnapping. Not a civil matter that might involve some money lost in revenues?

    Most definitely needed for the fight on organized crime. But sadly very rarely done.

    This is a joke. Very serious ABUSE of tax payers money. Someone big was behind it. Abuse of power. Breach of Trust. Criminal harassment. Unacceptable.

    Sure better not happen on Canadian soil EVER. We already know what happened when RCMP caught surveilling 2 journalists. Huge outcry. That was called low surveillance. Not moderate or over the top surveillance.
    In a dispute with Irving and First Nations in Eastern Canada photographs were taken of para military with assault rifles was seen hiding in the grass. A dispute with fracking by Irving. Isnt that illegal. So then Rule of Law ignored when it’s billionaires involved. Now with a snitch line perhaps of Ottawa to Irving to rat on journalists I think we’re seeing some really bad things happening and it’s not by regular citizens


  5. The Trudeau foundation received the largest donation of nearly $1 million and never reported it with the Canada Revenue Agency until the National Post exposed the story.. The donar is a lobbyist with the government. Based on this how many more large donations from large corporate donars have been hidden from the Canadian Revenue Agency to the Trudeau foundation and also hidden from the office of the Commissioner of Lobbying the office of commissioner of ethics the office of elecgions canada The government of Canada and the Canadian people. We already know SNC has. They filed fake documents to cover it up.

    Is the Minister of Canada Revenue Agency doing her job or is she covering up. A contravention and charges would stop Trudeau from running again as Prime Minister. Isn’t that correct? If he accepted money from this donar to his foundation prior to becoming Prime Minister and then he granted 2. 6 billion grant to this donar while Prime Minister then it’s considered bribery. All which was done. So what has occurred then. Cover up????

    The Deferred Prosecution Agreement to aid SNC was nothing more than a cover up to all these contraventions.

    Extreme pressure to Jody Wilson Raybold was nothing short of attempted coercion of a government official. A failed one. .

  6. We think focusing on Fortress Investments and their scams would be good as itt links to a crooked law society that covers up for crooked lawyers engaged in conflicts of interest and only after pressure did they put out a bulletin statement. But the lawyers engaged in this investment scheme have not been held accountable. $2500 paid to one lawyer for a 20 minute investment advice who was paid by Fortress. Huge conflict.

    Fortress even threatened and commenced legal action against a man who tweeted about it. He won at the Court of Appeal. But wait that means the first Superior Court Judge ignored all the conflicts in the Fortress investment scheme. Conflicts of interest of lawyers involved. so the Superior Court Judge protected Fraudsters in other words. How sickening.. So this whistle blower could have saved many from falling victim to this investment scheme but these scammers commenced fake court proceedings aided by an incompetent or cover up Judge.

    The Crooked Justice system on display. Thankfully there are some good judges.

    The RCMP raided the offices. What is the penalty for these fraudsters? Still nothing. FSCO were alerted in 2012 and like usual it was passed to senior FSCO employees same tactic FSCO has used. Nothing was done. THE RCMP SHOULD BE RAIDING FSCO OFFICES TOO The senior members need pink slips. Maybe other things too.

    We see nothing but incompetence and cover up by government law society courts. Rich fraudsters threatening lawsuits to silence.

    Will the small investors get their money? That should be interesting. Perhaps the RCMP shoukd be seizing the personal assets of the CEO and others including the lawyers who ripped off the investors for a 20 minute phone call that is illegal and a comflict of interest. All the fraudsters involved in illegal activity to get people to invest. Coercion by cover up of the real truth of the investment scheme . 50% of the investment going to fees including lawyers and Fortress. Not to the developer in building the project. . What the investors assumed would be most of the investment. This is where the scam is and they can’t hide from it.

    No charges laid by the RCMP. Why not? The lawyers committed breach of trust conflict of interest. Isn’t that correct? So did Fortress.

    Will be waiting to see what happens and who is held accountable. Many more investment frauds in Ontario. With crooked lawyers and government involved.

  7. Like usual the Ontario Court let Fortress off the hook in Feb. for the class actions against the officers of the company citing the statement of claim never proved fraud by the officers named in the Statement of Claim. Officers cant be held liable for failure. But they can be held accountable for misrepresentation and Coercion of cover up to secure investors. Namely fake advice by lawyers on their payroll. These lawyers gave a false sense of security to investors and as investors stated the lawyes never stated risk involved. SO there was conflicr of interest and breach of trust. Who protects lawyers that do wrong. Other lawyers and judges.

    Let’s hope new Statement of Claims include this . The battle isn’t over.

    Ontario residents need to wake up. Investor Fraud runs rampant with little or no accountability. The RCMP raid offices class action lawsuits come..The Courts let the principle officers off and the RCMP investigation fizzles. Same old story…. dont get scammed. If its too good to be true then its not true.it’s a scam. Fortress says 27 of its developments were successful. Really 27 out of 80. That’s a fail. Numerous of the developments going into receivership. Properties being seized. FSCO the regulator does nothing. They are in the sack with the scammers it appears. They were alerted. Do nothing and lie about it when caught. Same thing over and over again. It’s not a new story . Just a different firm. Investments gone bad. You would think it’s time to get rid of syndicated mortgage loans. A pyramid scheme masquerading as a great investment. The only one hurt. The little investor. One’s with little or no experience trusting in being given correct credible advice. This credible advice and risk that our courts ignore that was never given. Fake lawyers handing out false security. Shame on these scammers our courts and our regulators. You are the thieves who create mental anguish to hard working Canadians. Who rob them of their lives savings.

    The guy at the top Jawad Rathore. He was banned for 15 years for a different scheme. But the OSC had no jurisdictiin over his new venture. REALLY.. So this guy was bad business to begin with. All investors should have to be warned of Rathore’s ban and decided for themselves. These are the things our regulators have no brains to figure out . to figure out how to protect the consumer/investor properly. Then when under fire they try to look good by making some changes. Where was these changes 15 years ago ?

    If the crooked don’t like our opinions that’s just too bad because your crooked and no one cares what you think.

  8. Another breaking story by Global News is a Liberal MP and his lawfirm were linked to money laundrring of millions for the alleged Kingpin of the Big Circle Boys crime syndicate in the purchase of a condo. This same law firm also linked to facilitating millions invokved I an immigrant investment scam. What a real winner we have in a lawyer turned liberal MP. I guess he is good at advocating for criminals not honest citizens at Parliament Hill. Another winner for Trudeau!!

    Someone protects this Kingpin Tam. Would that be thix liberal MP. Maybe the federal government does. This guy implicated to drug trafficking of heroin. .loan sharking in casinos.. money laundering in casinos and real estate robberies thefts and even was found with 10 stolen Rolex watches seems to allude serious jail time. Yes he had 10 stolen Rolex watches from a jewellery store robbed and he got no charges.

    This liberal MP had his license removed by the law society and the law firm closed. Everyone is tight lipped. Hmmm… is there a link to our PMO. Stay tuned. The B.C. Casino money laundering Inquiry is getting bigger. What a great client for this Liberal MP lawyer now disgraced. I think we can figure out why he had his license taken and lawfirm disbanded. Let’s watch the shivering snakes try to slither out of it.

  9. Anyone know where heroin comes from. The parts of the world…Afghanistan and Myanmar. .and Mexico. Hmm.. lots of military peace keeping in Afghanistan and we have a special envoy to Myanmar. Wow coincidental.

    Wonder why were monitored?????? We investigate stuff and ask questions….. tough over the top stuff… now with an Liberal MP link to organized crime chinese and heroin trafficking the questions get interesting.

  10. The para military seen at the peaceful protest in New Brunswick where the First Nations were trying to protect the environment because the Ministry of the Environment of Canada had investigated Irving Oil and charged them with the killing of thousands of birds by toxic gases these para military should never have been there. We have Canadian security companies that provide personnel to go to volatile situations and these Canadian security companies provide work for Canadians so they are not unemployed. So at no point were these para military with guns necessary. They were stealing the job of Canadians.

    The investigation was heading to the RCMP burning up their own vehicles with detonation from within the cruisers so did the RCMP defraud the insurance company for payment of the burned cruisers that they set on fire? Interesting question. Crooked acts bring questions. So is the RCMP in the habit of setting up Indian peaceful protesters by burning up vehicles which also occurred at the G20 Summit in Toronto. The pictures of the RCMP cruisers indicate a fire was from inside the cruisers not from outside. So do we have morons in the RCMP who set cruisers on fire and do not realize that investigators can figure out the true nature of the detonation,. The Indian protestors could not have thrown a detonating device as the pictures indicated.

    What pathetic corrupt RCMP engaged n obstruction of justice, criminal acts to help the rich. Just like no doubt in BC Money laundering investigation and casinos and organized crime to politicians. Do they aid heroin from oversees on military aircraft when they land.

  11. That’s an amazing comment. The para military called in to the peaceful First Nations protest done on behalf of Canadians to protect the Canadian environment are exposed as a fraud. As thieves of Canadian jobs and a humiliation to the RCMP former PM and the present one. Because this present one protects the interests of Irving Industries. So his carbon tax is such a FAKE as Irving was caught causing an environmental catastrophe. These are the real issues you focus on.

    I am going on assignment tonight. Off the grid for a couple of months. Saying bye to this crooked country The B.C. money laundering drugs connection to PMO to Ontario as well is getting juicier by the day. Sam Cooper is very competent and the investigation is amazing. Very thorough. The cover jp by crooked cops being outed. Loved the comment even a normal google search would have alerted the Liberal MP law firm. We don’t need our intelligence insulted. They knew. No doubt in mud up to their noses.

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