SNC-Lavalin,Rothschild,Pentagon war In Canada

This story has been revealed by the USA against Rothschild’s monkey Trudeau or USA monkey Trudeau,either way he is a monkey.

When the elephants fights ……….. ………..,I wasn’t going to write this but what I see no one in Canada is able to read what is really going on.

This is just straighten Trudeau,giving balance to politics,USA or Rothschild is using Canadian media to slap on Trudeau’s face,USA wants Trudeau not to act with EU,England,Chine,France means Rothschild and other way around ,yes there is a war between Rothschild and Pentagon this war is going on in almost every country in the world and the result from Canadian side is SNC Lavalin,this is the beginning if Trudeau doesn’t cooperate with the China (Rothschild)worst will come for Trudeau.

Huawei princess situation is not easy to swallow for Trudeau ,China will keep making Trudeau and Canada pays.

Good Luck))