Another insurance story old fart Harry Brown has been involved

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  1. Did the OPP charge Harry Brown with harassment and fraud. Hey OPP would you like to answer online. We love to hear your response. The arbfitrator can clue you in to your duty to press charges.

  2. Arif why dont you press charges against Harry Brown for fraud. You can go to the justice of the peace and perhaps the young girl can go with you. Perhaps you can do the job the OPP are paid to do but dont.

    SNC Lavalin was not eligible for a Deferred Prosecution Agreement. All citizens can research this where it’s proved they couldnt.

    Therefore soneone was trying to get our Justice Minister to intervene where she legally couldnt. . When she refused she was fired. That falls under the criminal code of Canada. We have many fraudsters parading as legal scholars who try to pervert the true reality.

    Therefore a government that passes into law a bill to try and help a company ineligible for a DPA from the get go because of the charges they received for bribery and extortion both in Canada and internationally especially in Libya speaks volumes to the honesty and integrity of this current government. Zilch. None. They were so stupid that they admitted before the Committee exactly the reasons that are a contravention of the Anti Bribery laws that are international and signed by Canada. They provided their own rope to hang yhemselves. And boy they hung themselves. Any inaction by the RCMP is cover up and they know it and we the public know it. But its all outed in a book entitled Dispersing the Fog. A book dealing with the secrets of Ottawa and the RCMP and it helps prove what journalists have outed that Canada is the place to come to if your crooked. It’s a haven for corruption. 8 billion dollars of dirty money laundered monies has made its way into the GTA real estate market causing hardship for all Canadians.

    The loopholes our government refuses to fix entices the crooked to come to Canada endangering our lives and our children’s lives. These crooked support the government and future politicians.

    All the violence and guns and drugs goes right back to the fault of your government and they have the blood of innocent lives on their hands and so do your crooked police. So do crooked lawyers judges insurance companies banks etc.

    But a great lesson to those suffering injustice. Folliw the lead of people like Arif and Donald Best and Paul Manning and take your frustrations out in blogs and do not resort to violence as then you would be stooping to the same level as these cowards and fraudsters. Use your courage and stories for good to help your fellow man and never hurt another person. That’s what we need to teach our children . We need to encourage people to say no to drugs because by buying illicit drugs you not only suffer health problems but you also come into contact with very dangerous criminals as drugs are illegal and go hand in hand with guns and violence.

    Did you know after legalization of pot the organized crime element went higher for making money off of pot. So thank your current prime minister for that. The same one who made a bill to help his re election by helping SNC Lavalin. But once again they were not eligible to get it.

  3. My 24 7 monitoring isn’t able to shut me up. I’m waiting for my subpoena so we can discuss raping bugs in Canada. But wait. They dont want me in Court. Not to mention we can discuss all the crooked links in Ontario. Where’s our Charbonneau Commission in Ontario.

    In light of the hit that a mobster was tasked to do on Julian Fantino I believe we have our link. . Corruption in Ontario covered up by crooked police. Remember Dalton McGuinty quit after Vito Rizxutto was let out of jail. Look at maffia links into Ontario governmernt. Look at links Nov mafgiamin Hamilton Police and RCMP and OPP.

    What does Julian Fantino know. CSIS and RCMP you know. Are you covering it up or you going to do something soon.

    Then Fantino becomes linked to our federal government. A government with a scandal linked to drugs into Canada by crooked US police and others.

    So the attempted hit on Fantino by a mobster is not coincidental. . But wait smart minds also figure out another scenario too.

    Journalists do well to expose every angle.

    Hey 24 7 through wall monitoring. Hey OPP woukd you like to comment on that. I love places that thank me for making an appointment and for showing up when I neither made the appointment or went to it. I love the manipulation on my email, Truly classic.

    Am I bothering you enough. You can’t spook me. Can’t intimidate me. I have far too many great stories to tell. All true. But the RFID bugs is the best though. Those class action lawyers for the Havana Syndrome don’t have what I know. They should summon the RCMP old frat Michaud. I hear he is the go to man to cover up. Cover up occurs by the use of illegal bugs. Maybe Michaud can be grilled on these bugs and who they use them against and it’s not criminals they use it against. Now that’s a startling revelation. If your the go to man to cover up who do you think the bugs are used against?

    Where’s my subpoena You know where I live. We could have fun in Court.

    We have a real life pelican brief in Ontario still continuing. . Maybe the government of Canada and Ontario and Quebec and BC woukd like to comment.

    Ever wonder why all of a sudden we have small time drug raids happening frequently . But where’s the big fish still. Where’s the arrest of the lawyers money laundering drug proceeds . CSIS RCMP OPP you know who they are.

  4. We have a Pelican Brief happening in Ontario. A senior Court Judge who has conflict surrounding him in the Donald Best story. He was just hired. A lawyer with conflict and questions surrounding his appointment.

    The Pelican Brief is a story and made into movie by John Grisham. It involved a crooked law firm and land deals leading to crooked government and appointment of Supreme Court Judges and ones murdered and a law student made a brief that caused a hit man to trail her. is your Pelican Brief. Isnt that correct RCMP. You know who the players are.

    This Pelican Brief has been in Ontario for years with a former Ontario Attorney General linked to maffia. Then we have more links of good fellas into Ontario. This is the latest in a series of Pelican Briefs in Ontario.

    The attempted hit on Julian Fantino is just part of this alive and well Pelican Brief in Ontario.

  5. The appointment of this Superior Court Judge is not accidental. The Pelican Brief is not just a story. It’s been confirmed to me it’s true. Your government is involved. Do you think your current premier of Ontario is any different. A man involved in trafficking illicit drugs in the past. One heaped in contraversy with the OPP and a van to be paid off the books. Or the unsuccessful attempt to have his buddy made the commissioner of the OPP. A police superintendent heaped in contraversy by other police who claim he helped cover the fat butts of the Fords. Someone covered their fat butts.

    The Pelican Brief is a true story in Ontario.

    Do you think I care if a hit man was hired to kill me and had my pictures hung up on a wall. Id say..,thats an honor because it means I stepped on the crooked toes.

  6. Hey ole fart Ford reading this. No stone unturned doesn’t mean you go get different stones to cover with. It Me and you uncover the dirt under the stones. There are lots of willing hands to uncover the dirt in Ontario. I can find the hundreds of thousands of stories outing corruption. Would you like to start with the law firms that are crooked. The RCMP and OPP know who they are. I do too. Then we take down the crooked cops and those turned politicians .

    The Ontario Police Complaints Dept. has many tips in the files. You wouldn’t be trying to shut it down to make the files disappear would you Ford. We know we got your attention. Arif did. So you will be monitoring this blog. You probably spend more time monitoring the whistle blowers instead of the criminals they out.

    But then that confirms to the public the whistle blowers are correct. WHEN you monitor whistle blowers and hold up their benefits or audit them or other stuff done to them like David Simetic had done to him we know it’s all true stories and the cover up is loud and clear to citizens. so we thank the crooked for outing them selves by their moves. My 24 7 monitoring. Now that’s either to protect the key to a Pelican Brief or its the crooked paying to cover up We will keep that as a suspense to the Pelican Brief to be unravelled in the futurd.

  7. I was reading the explanation regarding changes to the term catastrophic injuries as the insurance company tries to peddle to get out of paying huge amounts on insurance policies.

    Now let’s see what is a catastrophe.. We label a hurricane or earthquake as a catastrophe.. A natural catastrophe . To those ever experiencing a hurricane and the force of the winds It’s truly a catastrophic event . Whether it’s a Cat 1 or cat 5. Both have catastrophic effects to man and the environment. Even tropical storm winds cause damage. Cause deaths.

    At what point can an insurance company backed by goons pressure changes to the term catastrophe. But they do. In order to save money.

    Then these same fraudsters try to stop payment under every fraudulent dirty tricks to pay out. It is the same way the term economy is being used to push economy for air line tickets. Basic economy and premium economy. Rather silly isn’t it. The same econmy seat is still economy according to the dictionary. They are just pushing the borders. Or why would a seat on Cathay Pacific be pretty constant for a ticket to Australia but Air Canada wants $1000 more for the same route. The gas consumption remains constant give or take the air conditions. So who is milking who. Canadians are definitely being milked. Garbage unsafe stuff being shipped to Canada from China but they dare not send that to Britain. Why is that. Because Canada is a push over that gives temporary CSA stickers to garbage products and those temporary stickers remain untouched. Unsafe children’s products putting our kids in danger. Health and safety violations allowed .

    Fraudsters and criminals running free in Canada making affordable housing harder and harder to find. Untold pain and suffering upon Canadians affected by this while Canada refuses to fix the loopholes as they profit ftom it including the crooked . The rich get richer by corruption and so does the government The $1 billion toasted away in the E Health scandal with no charges affects each and every Ontario citizen and their health and welfare and access to good health care,. Yes we do get health care but at a long wait many times. Unrest and frustration by over taxed and over burdened doctors that is aided and abetted by crooked insurance companies who attribute to the over burden of our experienced doctors as these insurance companies continually try to get out of paying benefits. The E Health scandal where the consultants were getting paid $500000 to a million dollars while enjoying a coffee and muffin for $3.50 on tax payers dollars. Over priced coffee and muffin. McDonalds charged $1.29 for a muffin and coffee.

    So yes consultants linked to the liberals enjoyed the over priced coffee and muffin and the exorbitant consultant fees for doing little or no work so they could give money to the liberals so they could stay in power and milk the tax payer. OPP where were you. Eating and drinking with them? Or too busy helping monitoring whistle blowers.

  8. Arif your blog proves you suffer PTSD . Apparently they have AI to assess veterans suffering PTSD that is successful in determing 89% of PTSD. But it’s not 100% but those of us that suffer PTSD can successfully determine others who suffer it.

    When you can feel for those who suffer it. When you can feel the pain and suffering Donald Best had when in prison wrongfully you usually can determine those with PTSD successfully without articial intelligence We are far superior to robots as we have feelings and a sense of right and wrong. When you follow the path of doing right like Donald Best did as a police officer and he kept his oath of integrity then you are far superior to crooked cops and crooked lawyers and judges and far superior to a robot.

    PTSD is a catastrophic event in one’s life especially those who have received injustice and are affected deeply by corruption. Corruption robs humans continually. The inaction of law enforcement especially by crooked cops in bed with maffia and government continues the PTSD symptoms. Bill Majchers affidavit is proof positive of the corruption and cover up that fuels PTSD in many people. One needs to read Paul Mannings twitter and you can feel his pain and stress. It’s undeniable and continues to be fuelled by the corrupt cops and corrupt government. By their corruption they are also fueling the stress to other whistle blowers. Their corruption and criminal acts on display to all.

    I would challenge any insurance company who tries to debate me on this and the insurance fraudsters who deny benefits for PTSD are fools and criminals. You are part of the problem too and fuel anciety and stress. We tell it like it is. We tell the true reality. One not from the view of fraudsters known as crooked cops government insurance lawyers mobsters judges. You are the ones that fuel terrorist acts like the van attack one year ago. Your corruption and cover up and putting money as King is the fuel. That brings about loss of innocent lives. I wish a magnet where we could make cancer be attracted to crooked people not innocent people was invented so they can suffer pain like they inflict on innocent people Vito Rizutto died from lung cancer. He deserved it. PTSD makes you talk this way because all people have the capacity to change so we always hope they would. But crooked government and crooked cops and crooked judges and lawyers do not make it easy to make people want to change. So we hope bad people reading this can find a way to change when they reflect on all the terrorist and criminal acts that occur and realize they are fuelling it.

  9. For all crooked reading this reflect on the truth. Look at your mom and dad who loved you and supported you. Cradle your beautiful children and realize that your criminal acts actually hurt them even if they might have lots of money. Your children are not truly happy and true respect of you isn’t really there, All they were taught is a love of money and power. It’s a false sense of happiness and security. One that can bring them harm too. A criminal can never be trusted.

    To crooked lawyers money laundering drug proceeds you are part and parcel responsible for that neighbour down the street whose teenager OD on drugs. Or your relative who was gunned down in a robbery. Or closer to home when your own child gets hooked on drugs or starts selling it as you were not a good model. Reflect on the true reality of your actions and you might see it differently and change. Perhaps lawyers involved in the Donald Best case can give the greatest sacrifice of love to their children by coming clean and accepting responsibility. Because they hurt an innocent man in the name of money and power. And in turn they hurt every citizen . But we can forgive when people change for the better. You gain lots of respect when you admit your wtong and right the wrong. You get self respect too and inner peace.

    Perhaps people with inside knowledge of cover up can come forward in Paul Mannings case and expose the crooked cops . Paul Manning is doing a great job but extra support is always a bonus. Even the crooked cops can have a change of heart when they realize their actions are affecting them and their families and everyone else.

  10. The technology of low level sonar/microwaves is also used by others too. Was a law firm involved in this. Who provided it to them if they did. Is this law firm connected to maffia and other crooked. Who else was involved. The questions are endless and anyone connected to the story is not immuned to questions. This is how the crooked are outed. This is how you induce the crooked to do what they do best. Run for protection. Call on favours. Did they. The future will tell. We love watching the crooked hanging on the rope dangling.

  11. Jane Luther whose dad was connected to possible money laundering /mob and was murdered and all smart people know it’s true states that William Majcher is the one in 2008 who told her to stop writing the rcmp letters. How coincidental. So William Majcher was in the GTA at that time. Or did I misread the date and it was 2006.

    So is it possible the RCMP knew the money laundering and murder was correct and they were watching the mob and it was the senior rcmp and Justice Dept. that stopped the prosecution and the money laundering lawyer caught with the million dollars was tied to the maffia related to Ed Lutner case. or a certain drug cartel.

    One would think this is a contradiction or hypocrisy from William Majcher but perhaps shows the extent of the maffia reach into law enforcement and government. Jane Lutner’s many letters might have stolen by corrupt rcmp feeding them to maffia and William Majcher was trying to protect Jane Lutner. But the problem here is corrupt RCMP rule the nest or they shut up instead of pushing hard so they shouldn’t shut up citizens they should let them help. Jane Lutner took to the internet forums to be heard. She could take care of herself. She is the type who would make a good cop!!!!!! Courage tenacity fearless. All admirable qualities befitting a police officer.

    So we’re waiting. Ed Lutners death was re opened. What’s happening there. More cover up. Just a smoke screen to shut Jane Lutner up. To quiet her. Some very good evidence was given to follow.

  12. I wonder who is next to be whacked. Has Sam Meurella flipped? or maybe he is the next target. As long as innocent people are not hurt do you really think anyone cares when maffia get whacked?

    We eagerly await the May hearing of Paul Manning. Appears the crooked cops never appeared in court. Will they show this time and if not will contempt of court be levied against them like Donald Best was wrongly charged with. In this case it will be legitimate. But we much rather see the cops flip and show some courage and admit their guilt. They have stolen Paul Mannings life and his family as well so ease your conscience and give him his life back. Then maybe you can look at yourself in the mirror. Your names are being outed and everyone reading his story knows its true.

    Another interesting case is that of RCMP agent Peter Merrifield who won a harassment case only to have the appeals court overrule it. So then our courts put people into moulds just like insurance companies do stating the trial judge had failed to follow the test of harassment. Really a test. What about the merits of Mr. Merrifields story. Or what about his accusation that he felt violated as the RCMP put him under surveillance and he knows what type of surveillance they use. Rather interesting words to support harassment. Surveillance can be construed as harassment when done illegally and when you use unethical stuff.

    Good thing a TEST was never used to determine success for Steve Jobs and many others who dropped out of school They would have failed the TEST. They didnt fit into the mould. So when did our Courts decide to be like insurance companies and fit people into moulds in order to stop people from getting justice.

    Why did the Ontario government bring into law a harassment and anti bullying law if it is never enforced. That would mean its a law in Name only. Many stories of people addressing this issue and they are refused.

    The Mark Norman case has more to it then is shown in the media. Derrick Snowdy is a good investigator to read and then from there do research.

    It is interestng that once again the name Sabourin has been noted. Is he the head of the Ministry of Defence as I saw his name on a Canadian Miltary sign calling him the Honorable. Remember right now the name Sabourin which is definitely not a popular name like Smith Johnson or Black has shown up a number of times and that name has lead to interesting characters. Peter Sabourin…skipped the town with 32 million investment dollars. A Sabourin who was in a church abuse scandal in Ontario and Norman Sabourin head of the CJC linked to cover up in the Donald Best case.

    How interesting a name linked in the Military of Canada. Maybe he can shed some light on the use of microwaves and sonar to harass people. It is definitely military espionage spying. Then when we see an aggressive attack against another individual in our forces who is in the Navy and its linked to a very powerful rich family we use our noses to sniff. Who are we protecting? The rich and powerful or Canadians. If Canadians isnt the answer we have a serious problem in Canada.So RCMP if Canadian citizens are not thoe reason for charges against Mark Norman but a rich and powerrful family is then we have found our link to corruption and illegal activities. Do you get the point?

    1. Sheila Coppx came out and blasted Jody Wilson Raybould for her stand and Sheila Copps should know better. She experienced first hand accordingto her she was sexually harassed and assaulted on Parliament Hill and the police dd nothing. The government did nothing.

      Sheila Copps was being nothing but a puppet for Justin Trudeau accused of groping a woman . Woman who experience harassment and assault stand by woman more so as they have experienced it themselves. Sheila does money cover harassment sexual assault and threats. and pressure. You saw that first hand . You experienced it first hand. Perhaps you need a different perspective on the JWR affair and like Jane Phillpots who has courage and stood by JWR.

  13. Global news carries an interesting article that New Zealand police would soon not be carrying guns. One would wonder how many people will choose that career then. They asked if it should be done in Canada.

    I see Paul Manning is in Court May 7th. Wish I could come but in Italy right now. All the best to him. But a little confused. He says his paralegal dropped him but then his lawyer is in the top 50. Did he get a new lawyer. Some lawyers or paralegals might tell you to stay offline but if they do drop them. The truth online is the truth nothing but the truth and that’s what you state in Court so then where’s the problem?

  14. Old Fart Harry Brown. That’s quite funny but crooked people deserve those depictions of them. Crooked people cant run and hide anymore with the internet.

    Donald Best had his appeal thrown out as he can’t pay the court fees first. This was an obstruction of justice ruling making him pay court costs . Legal but not really legal extortion. Just extortion being disguised in the justice system to cover up the crooked.

    The hit that was a threat to kill Fantino made Donald Best story even bigger. Couldnt have his court battle continue More ammunition now to him. OPP and RCMP you have it now.

  15. Such great comments on here. When reading Peter Merrifields story it appears he was running in the election as a Protest. Was that because of the sponsorship scandal of the Liberals that the RCMP were biased and Harper then came into power as a result. Not political but it appears Merrifields personality was a whistle blower and as such butting heads with his superiors brought harassment for years and a common thread of no promotions or gossip as seen in many cases of police who expose stuff or stand up for their rights.

    What I found troubling is the DOJ was involved in the appeal with the Canadian government. The DOJ outed in the William Majcher affidavit as one’s who covered for crooked lawyers and judges and cops. Anyone feel that way too. When ones cover up corruption that leads to a huge path of questions and calls into scrutiny decisions made and who can be trusted.

    Seems a real conflict of interest here too. The appeals court pointed to the torts of harassment and stated how could the trial judge make a tort of harassment up. That the judge cant make up laws but in Ontario we have a law against harassment and bullying so if an employer by means of their employees harass and bully an employee for years then the victim has rights to a civil suit. So when can you use your right to be safe on the job site free from harassment and bullying if the courts refuse to honor it. One judge does another one turns it down. Remember the Appeals Court decision is the key to success. Otherwise on to the SCC process. Since this case involves the government of Canada directly hmm lets see about the SCC. What justice will Merrifield get there.

    Love the article that whistle blowers make for better companies not the opposite. Yes corruption and cover up is detrimental to the economy of countries and companies. Maybe that soon to retire Privy Council Wernick would listen to sound advice. Not be stiring up accusations of assassination to tie the hands of thd RCMP who go running to snoop for this. I am sure no assassinations are out there. It appears the maffia are the ones who need to run scared. So anyone using their platform to talk about assassinations needs to retire and be investigated as to what the purpose was to try and cover the real issues in the scandal of SNC Lavalin.


  16. Peter Merrifild was awarded $141000 for years of harassment by the RCMP. His lawyers got $850000.. but did they suffer harassment. The lawyers for our first nations children stolen from their homes shared $75 million in legal fees.

    What a bunch of schmucks in our legal profession. Time to end this insane $200 to $300 @hour monopoly for legal services and lets remove lawyers as judges who carry on that monopoly and stop the self regulating of themselves because that’s like asking a criminal to judge himself and give his own sentence. We can say this because far too many crooked lawyers walk free. Too many lawyers money launder and they stifle justice and make the job of honest lawyers or judges that more difficult. The Courts are tainted in mud. Tainted in dirty money. Tainted in corruption.

    People need to look at stuff in the proper perspective. The legal profession is center in the corruption and they aid and abet the government many times except for the class action lawyers who make lots of money taking on the government when individuals could sue the government on their own and win.

  17. Just to note Peter Merrifield lost the $141000 on appeal by the RCMP and we will see if he goes to the Supreme Court of Canada. But as someone stated good luck winning in the SCC against the government and the RCMP is your government police force.

    That is where your corruption lies. In the courts where justice is denied if its against your government or rich. The SCC allows a crooked lawyer to be heard who drug trafficked and he won. Donald Best who had the SCC refuse his case was going against crooked lawyers and a judge . See the point and I invote all law students reading and journalists to do a review of the Supreme Court of Canada cases and do a study of the cases that won and lost and find a common thread. As some crowns will tell you they watch as someone who stole $150 gets more jail time then a fraudster who stole $10 million in investment scams or lawyers who stole $5 million dollars if these lawyers even get charged or sentenced. Where is Peter Sabourin. The OSC dragged their feet on his scam. The OPP apparently lost him. Maybe they should stop tracking whistle blowers and spend more time on fraudsters like Peter Sabourin and ghey might not lose them or perhaps the RCMP can enforce warrants on people involved with the drug cartels. Poverty 101 on Donald Best website posted they were monitored and someone even tried to sue them for telling their story. Imagine that.

    Where is the true ptoblem. We found it. It’s outed all the time by studies by experts and ignored by you know who.

  18. Just to note Peter Merrifield lost the $141000 on appeal by the RCMP and we will see if he goes to the Supreme Court of Canada. But as someone stated good luck winning in the SCC against the government and the RCMP is your government police force.

    That is where your corruption lies. In the courts where justice is denied if its against your government or rich. The SCC allows a crooked lawyer to be heard who drug trafficked and he won. Donald Best who had the SCC refuse his case was going against crooked lawyers and a judge . See the point and I invite all law students reading and journalists to do a review of the Supreme Court of Canada cases and do a study of the cases that won and lost and find a common thread. As some crowns will tell you they watch as someone who stole $150 gets more jail time then a fraudster who stole $10 million in investment scams or lawyers who stole $5 million dollars if these lawyers even get charged or sentenced. Where is Peter Sabourin. The OSC dragged their feet on his scam. The OPP apparently lost him. Maybe they should stop tracking whistle blowers and spend more time on fraudsters like Peter Sabourin and they might not lose them or perhaps the RCMP can enforce warrants on people involved with the drug cartels. Poverty 101 on Donald Best website posted they were monitored and someone even tried to sue them for telling their story. Imagine that.

    Where is the true ptoblem. We found it. It’s outed all the time by studies by experts and ignored by you know who. And you know who wins in class actions against your government in slam dunk cases that you and I coukd win.

  19. Yes poverty 101 was monitored illegally of course. Think we can figure out who was involved. Who had the money to monitor. Great story no doubt.

    So for them and all others illegally monitored these 3 posts are for you.

  20. Another fart. Anyone hear the ad for kids free on the go train. A remote voice recording. That reminds me to out another way stuff is stolen.

    Your keyboard strokes not only can be picked up by a key logger on your electronic stuff but remote waves from sarelitte spying can do the same thing. It picks up the sound of the keyboard words typed from far outside your house and even in your car. Shucks did I out that little secret. Amusing of course. But it’s still theft. Ingenious until outed. Kids free on the go train. Did you raise the prices to absorb the free tickets. So not really free as such.

    So let’s see does the Ontario government pay people to steal your stuff if you stumbled on a Pelican Brief. We love questions that the corruption that pollutes our country raises and we thank the corrupted and those who cover up for providing us the questions. Without you we would be bored. You give us the platform to ask these tough questions. You are to blame.

  21. Veiled threats is not accepted either . Same level as loansharkers who know where your family is and tell you that.

    Let’s see who covers up for who. Not difficult to figure out. Like Peter Merrifield stated in respect to illegal and criminal surveillance. What was their purpose? to try and catch him doing something wrong. To hurt hkm in a trial of to interfere eith a union bding set up. Very normal response.

    His story has alot of repercussions now obstructed by an appeals court. The appeals court has covered up these serious questions from being answered. Illegal surveillance of journalists. Whats the purpose? To steal sources and tips so as to get their first to cover up and silence people. These are the serious ramifications of illegal surveillance.

  22. Oh look at that. We fix spelling mistakes and yet the spelling mistakes appear. That’s interesting. So we stated Peter Merrifield was concerned that illegal surveillance was being done in order to try and catch him doibg something wrong to use in the trial or to interfere with the formation of a union. These are legitimate concerns.

    So for all people monitored this is legitimate concerns especially journalists and police officers.

    We hold nothing back as journalists and we put the blame where it’s due.

  23. We know the many apps which steal your info on your phones iPads etc. So par for the course does the Go Train app do the same thing. Interesting question.

    The privacy commissioner of Canada has ruled Facebook contravened Privacy laws and breached personal info. Let’s see this is an International issue linked to election tampering in the USA with a Canadian company involved.

    Hey privacy commissioner do you take the complaints of individual people seriously? of course you dont. If you are a politician or a rich person and you complain of course you take that seriously Privacy Commissioner. So does the RCMP or police. But regular citizens you tell them it’s not your job isn’t that correct. That’s called breach of trust and obstruction of justice. Right?????

  24. We have pictures of social media being restricted if you out corruption of the government, We tested this theory on purpose . We were successful. A charter of rights violation to restrict an account for an invalid reason. Wow lets we what was outed?

    I am sure all readers would love to know.

  25. Hey 24 7 monitoring did your espionage surveillance not like the last post, that journalists test social media . Or was that the website where we just went to that went up nearly 400 views in a few days. Of course that website is monitored.

  26. Are we annoying those who paid for the 24 7 monitoring. We didn’t ask for it. The crooked made us expose. Blame them. They made it easy for us.

    Can you send an email indicating how much money was wasted on 24 7 surveillance. Or make an ad up. That way poverty 101 and many others can get some satisfaction that they were very important people who needed to be watched and that wasted tax dollars that could have been used to rid our streets of crime. You know crooked cops crooked politicians crooked maffia crooked judges and lawyers. Crooked unions.

  27. Wow the Havana Syndrome is now stretched to China. I guess the Jamaican cricket in Cuba got on a boat or plane and went to China. Yes the Jamaican cricket is to blame for the sonar waves that made diplomats sick. Do we sue the Jamaica cricket. Does the Jamaica cricket get charged for being a stowaway?

    Nope it’s sonar / microwaves done covertly. As silly as the cricket theory, Though cricket chirping is annoying . But we dont have them in Canada unless they hopped on board a Canadian airlines jet. Not likely. Maybe it jumped inside peoples ear. Or maybe people swallowed it while sleeping.

    As you see we have no limits to our questions.

  28. Hey 24 7 monitoring do we insult you. You can’t scare us. You can’t intimidate us. You can’t control us. We refuse to follow any game plan but our own. I was reading about the RCMP Mr. BIG PROJECT.

    What a Flop. Maybe you should hire regular people to participate. It might be successful.

    I could name a few people to hire. Sorry can’t hire us. We don’t follow scripts. We don’t fit into moulds either. We will kick your butts for being incompetent. Tell the government we don’t like you. Your dishonest. You steal our charter of rights. You invade our privacy. You get a failing grade and we aren’t scared of covert espionage spying.

    We just out it. That’s your problem 24 7 monitoring Its a joke to us. It amuses us. It takes away our bordom. We push the buttons. We refuse to answer the phone. We refuse to call anyone. We refuse to go anywhere. We uphold our legal rights. We out every spying tdchnique that invades our privacy. We out every way theft is done and we keep all the evidence and we tell everyone our identity is known.

    Care to add to that pieces of garbage. Or does that encompass it all? ring the door bell if you care.. love the Taylor Swift song..,blank space…I’ll write your name. I exercise to it right covert espionage spying. The headphones contain it all.

  29. Congrats to Donald Best on winning the civil liberties award. I watched his award speech. Inspiring.

    We don’t care about awards but we love seeing people who deserve it get them. We care about people and their happiness and we feel so bad when innocent people are wrongly accused screwed or attacked. Our hearts go out to them all. We feel for people bullied and stressed. FOR people suffering PTSD and treated like cattle. We feel their pain in their stories as they try to get justice.

    So for the lawyers for the Havana Syndrome I suggest you start poking at the Ministry of Defence and anyone hit by waves or stalked file a freedom of information with the Defense Dept. It’s available in Canada to do. These creeps know no bounds but we out it. We challenge them to shut us up. Ask of your government not what you can do for them but rather what they can do for you. That means protect you and not use military to stalk you.

  30. I wonder if Donald Best taped the interviews disgraced OPP cop Jim Van Allen did prior to his story going onilne. My guess he did.

    These interviews which started to disappear would prove this cop was lying and committing criminal acts.

    See how the crooked try to cover up their acts. The removal of his interviews proves Donald Best was right. Simple fact.

    Why would you remove interviews you were proud of. Unless you realised it wasn’t such a proud moment after all.

  31. The 3 zodiac signs that will make May 2019 the best by bringing out the inner flower child. I would be interested in that article. Not really.

    Wow lets see how we swing that article.. But wait I never read it. Apparently old news from 2 days ago. Kind of like the media after one day it’s old news.

    But wait May 2019 might be the best.Paul Manning might see some crooked cops jailed for contempt. Here’s to May 2019. IS a padded jail ready for maniacs from a union. Did they use covert spying too. Did they hire military. So heres to May 2019. Where all your dreams come true.

    That’s Disney World. Augus 29th the new Star Wars area in Hollywood studios opens up. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU.

  32. Sorry . I apologize. I meant trapping into the flower child.

    That would mean wiretapping illegally and /or tapping into an RFID bug.. Is a a union illegally wiretapping ?????? To cover up their corruption.

    But wait Star Wars in California opens end of May 2019. So yes May 2019 may be the best yet. The sign said it and the wiretap stole the sign before going.

  33. Sorry again I meant tapping into the inner flower child. That Is 3 mispells. Kind of like the 3 stooges. The brain not typing what you want. But by George I think I got it.

    1. 3’s a charm journalist in Havana as the saying goes. We get tips or fed words to write. So we have fun. You could always have bad people feeding you stuff. You have to discern stuf. Especially since we have lots of stories as journalists.

      Love reading journalists. They use music alot.

      I love the song. Not ready to make nice by the Dixie Chicks. Kind of sums up the feeling of most whistle blowers stepped on walked over and attacked.

      I think I’ll listen to it now.

  34. Like ROI…..the real ROI is more time in your day. your trust your future your commitment. Now what does that mean. Need to Google that.

    Not really enticing . I liked Paul Mannings quote on Steemit. From Robin Williams no matter what people tell you.,words and ideas can change the world. Now that’s more inspiring.

  35. Reading that 24 impaired drivers were nabbed in York Region and the mother who lost her 3 children and dad to a drunk driver wrote a post on twitter.

    No words can express our sadness for Jennifer Neville Lake and her husband who lost their lives their identity as parents to this tragedy of a drunk driver. What reckless behavior that destroyed lives.

    The drunk driver Muzzo is eligible for a day pass in May. Hope this tragedy has smarten him up. Being entitled doesn’t always save you from consequences. Not much to say for this guy. His life will never be the same. And so it should not. We rather spend time on admiring the courage of the Neville Lakes to have tried to pick up the remnants of their lives and honor their children’s memories. People on the internet might not be so nice to this guy or believe he changed. The mass outrage on the internet to this tragedy was phenomenal but it appears people seem to forget about the victins. Forget about a tragedy. Forget the consequences that changes others lives. They continue to drive drunk. Why so many charges in York. They feel entitled there?

    One thing to be noted when outing corruption the vehicle that this drunk driver Muzzo had used in the impaired driving tragedy caught fire in the police impound. Too coincidental. Did someone want to damage the onboard computer ? Was that a crooked cop as it circulated the internet of maffia link in that family. That family couldnt escape that attention. That lawyer of his must have had a hefty pay cheque. What sone do for a pay cheque. Every lawyer should have refused like they did Donald Best. The draw of a lucrative pay cheque.

  36. The drunk driver Muzzo was eligible for full parole thix May Not a day pass. He won’t be allowed now to apply to Nov. But who really knows.

    Not to give this guy the time of day but it appears this jerk drove drunk many times. Obviously on all birthdays after he got his license according to him and this character even threatened a bouncer with harm. So what charges did he get for threatening to kill. A few hundred dollar fine? But David Simetic who posts on Donald used choice words after he Was frustrated to no end and he got 2 years house arrest. A 2 tiered justice system eh! Good thing the parole board refused. It appears Muzzo has not attended an alcohol addiction program and that will be a condition before he gets parole. How long has he been in jail without getting help? Over 3 years. Really.

  37. Artificial intelligence. Has AI stopped injustice. Nope. Has AI stopped corruption. Nope. Has AI solved man’s problems of violence hunger disease.

    We might have raised the average lifespan but is the quality of life any better. Worse acutally. In first world nations we save people non the operating tables only to havdbthem go home to cockroach infested homes or apartments with little warmth and hardly any food in the cupboards. They come home to anxiety and stress many times wondering when the mould will send them back to work even if not ready according to how they feel or their doctor says,

    AI is not all its cracked up to be. We make one step forward and take 2 steps back. Yes AI in its proper place can aid processes but it can also hinder.

    Because money rules and people’s lives come second and that culture and mindset is what ails man.
    This case of the insurance company trying everything in their power to get out of their financial responsibilities under the laws of Ontario and failed this time but probably won many other times wrongfully is the problem with society and AI doesn’t solve that. This scumbag lawyer will still do sleazy unethical stuff. Stuff that if you or I did we get charged. Ask Arif Sanhinbay. He got charged and found guilty. Is that so???!!!!!!!!!

  38. The quality of life is no longer there even though we prolong lives by modern medicine. Ask out hard working senipiird screwed out of their life long savings by fraudsters like Peter Sabourin. Or crooked lawyers . Or 2 OPP cops up in Northern Ontario in an investment scam or the economic crisis of 2007/2008 with ABCP’S. It’s roots played out in QUebec. The amount of fraud is endless and AI aint helping . AI helps scammers. Just Google investment scams in Canada. The maffia is involved in the stock market huge in Southern Ontario. Stock Market manipulations and who bails the rich out. Your government. See the connection.

    Your elderly neighbour might not show their true story. After they were scammed. So just because we are living cozy doesn’t mean our neighbours are.

    The huge dirty money in Toronto real estate and Vancouver hurts you and I in one way or another. It destroys lives.

    And who does nothing. Those who make your laws. Those whose job it is to protect you.

    The SNC Lavalin case is huge. It’d a prime example of the corruption in Canada that hurts citizens. Like usual trying to bury it and say oh the elections coming he will get kicked out. That’s not the point. We take action against the corrupt. The corrupt that are the problem. We don’t wait. We do our jobs competently. We don’t allow corruption to flourish. It already has so do something to clean it up.

  39. The guy Wernick used his position to talk about assassinations. Interesting as a Pelican Brief follows that line. As a Canadian reading of this scandal I wonder if the assassination words was a veiled threat to Jody Wilson Raybold?

    The many connections and links to corruption and huge scams allowed to go unchecked in Canada leads one to that conclusion.

    Perhaps the RCMP would do well to check this theory out. The assassination dialogue of this political figure was so ludicrous and played in the media as a nut bar it makes people think as to another reason for it.

  40. The covert espionage spying bug was used to attack a Canadian citizen in the early morning. So the person did what they do best. The outed the rapists. Let’s see did Peter Merrifield indicate the place where violating bugs are used. I bet this is a great place to start. Are there maffia links to this location. Links to crooked governmernt. They are welcome to answer publicly. We also named the others involved. All rapists using raping bugs as sonar/microwaves and it is definitely military. Our informant confirmed it.

  41. The Chinese are apparently using a smart phone app to spy and investigate people. Do you think they are the only ones?

    Of course that technology has been around a long while.

  42. Watched an auction that went to 4 million dollars. We watch as art work that sits on a wall fetch that kind of money.

    Let’s have an auction where a local food bank is being auctioned to see how much money can be donated to help the hungry. Would we get to 4 million dollars in less than 5 minutes. How many people would show to this auction.

    Food for thought. When artwork or pieces of metal fetch that kind of money and we turn a blind eye to the children going to bed hungry we have a serious problem with mankind.

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