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SNC Lavalin and Trudeau second part.

In Canada,big cooperations,companies,banks like Scotia bank is in charge,no matter who you vote for.

I wrote this many times in this blog,you only vote for puppets,at the end same provers are going to be in charge no matter who you vote for,there is no law in Canada,law works against ordinary people in Canada,there are judge mafias,law society cabal,banks and insurance companies and other big companies such as Bombardier,SNC Lavalin etc.

They are all connected and pay each other,for their benefits they are putting some political puppets up front to show everyone that everything work very well; democratic system,law,business etc..

Time shows that I am correct for my view of Canadian way of life.Canada is the only country that you can not manage your assets,you are not in charge of your money and you see humiliation even if you pay for anything ,system doesn’t work,people are not happy and most of the population’s mental health is not healthy.

The biggest thief and criminal is the government ,system doesn’t let people save enough money to survive,people are not happy in every class,that is why either population are on alcohol or on drugs.

SNC-Lavalin,Rothschild,Pentagon war In Canada

This story has been revealed by the USA against Rothschild’s monkey Trudeau or USA monkey Trudeau,either way he is a monkey.

When the elephants fights ……….. ………..,I wasn’t going to write this but what I see no one in Canada is able to read what is really going on.

This is just straighten Trudeau,giving balance to politics,USA or Rothschild is using Canadian media to slap on Trudeau’s face,USA wants Trudeau not to act with EU,England,Chine,France means Rothschild and other way around ,yes there is a war between Rothschild and Pentagon this war is going on in almost every country in the world and the result from Canadian side is SNC Lavalin,this is the beginning if Trudeau doesn’t cooperate with the China (Rothschild)worst will come for Trudeau.

Huawei princess situation is not easy to swallow for Trudeau ,China will keep making Trudeau and Canada pays.

Good Luck))

Been charged for extortion and found guilty is that so!!!

Unica Insurance company and the Law Society mafia was behind this charge and I have got 6 months probation.Very well ;now I should be pride of my first criminal record and celebrated at the Mandarin restaurant with my friend))

Judge already knew this one has nothing to do with extortion and under the pressure he gave his decision and found me guilty for extortion.

Landlord and tenant issue has became to this point because of unica insurance and law society mafia.

Bacause of this decision,Canada and reality of Canada will be keep published on this blog forever and this blog remain opened even after me.

I Won’t appeal the decision because I know the reality of the law and law society very well in this country.

You did your move and now it is my turn forever))

Burkina Faso Canadian Chinese connection

Canadian government is the one who should get blamed for this kidnapping and death of the victim,Canada must knock the door of their owner USA and tell them because of Huwai arrest ,shits start happening.

Canada is naive and a stupid country that they can’t read the world and the realty of the world ,they are successful of fucking their citizens very well. Inside and out side they are nothing.Canada must stop acting behalf of USA or, Canada and Canadian citizens become victims of crime or attack.

This kidnapping and the death of the victim is a warning,think twice or get more kick on your ass Canada.

Huawei arrest=poor Canadians that they don’t govern by Canadians

One day police has got the order to arrest Huawei guy,(it is easy to find who gave that order if PM dares to fallow the rob all the way to the top.))

China asked Trudeau what is going on and poor Trudeau answered he did not know nor aware of the arrest.

Some people say Kabal,in some country they have been called mafia ,in other country  Gladio ,the name changes and I mostly call them organization.

No matter what you call those ass holes ,they have got the power and they are deep and real government in NATO countries.

Italians have faced with them long time ago and cleaned them well yet they are still cleaning ,Turkey has started same on right after the last coup attempt and they were late to act because so far these bastards cost the country PKK terorist group ,2 successful coup a few unsuccessful coup attempts,France is still dealing with them; as you know what is happening now in poor France ,Germany doesn’t even dare to fight with them instead Merkel has made her decision to resign due to getting old or what ever reason(before the g20 summit she has got her lesson by broken airplane),Canada and Canadians are the poorest one that they don’t even know nor they are aware of what the fuck is going on in their country and in the world that they were too busy with the Canada post strike))).

I told few years ago,Canada doesn’t govern by Canadians,Canada govern by puppets.

This organization(cabal,mafia,gladio or what ever you want to call them) not easy to fight,they are everywhere like an octopus.

In Canada so far I only faced with the law society foot of this organization and they are really well organized but not so smart.

Are these people in army; sure they are ,in government; absolutely ,in universities;Yes,they are in here and there that they are everywhere.

They have got to power, they have got to money,the reason I am not saying opposite because first they have got to power to access the money ,usually money comes first power right after,for these bastards is opposite.

One day Canadians are going to find themselves in deep shit like world war 3 and it will be too late to think and act.

The reality of the Canadian system

Well come to Canada Welcome to Canada!

Is there any justice or human rights! how about freedom ,freedom of your assets or freedom of your privacy! countless examples could be given.

These examples have been experienced personally so,no need to prove anything from my side anymore,if you need more proofs  please do not hesitate nor be lazy to bother of reading pervious articles on this blog.

Lost in translation just like lost in the system that is how they play this game because in every single step of seeking justice you won’t get anywhere at the end; They do either cover ups ,missing files or threatens legal or illegal ways.

If you have money in any Canadian banks ,you will loose the privilege of your money ,control of your money,

Legal system and financial system in Canada are mafia they are working together,last cover ups came from OPIRD(office of the independent police review).

I believe my last experience with these bastards is more then enough to show the way of coverups,how ever they did same thing previously,by making these complaints or seeking justice from my side is procedure only ,I already know that I won’t get anywhere but; This will help others (Investors ,businesses or new immigrants) to understand the reality of Canada I thing they do have right to know before they step in the trouble.

Do you want head ache or do you want to be lost in the system,do you want to punish yourself or want to see humiliation welcome to Canada.

The latest Ontario human rights commission decisions for my applications will be published in a few months,if you want to see how do they deny  applications without even any hearings,please fallow.

I don’t care what do they do or how do they do or the any result of these applications,main point is cover ups,you will see lost in translation game that is what they use in OHRC (Ontario human rights commission).